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Tuesday 22 December 2015

Simon Danczuk - Not Labour At Christmas

At this time of the year, those who hold elective office give their thanks to all those who helped to put them in their positions of power, knowing that, in most cases, they will need that support again in the not too distant future. Yes, politicians send out their Christmas cards, combining that gesture of thanks with, in the case of Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk, the continued promotion of Himself Personally Now.
Danczuk’s seasonal offering shows him posing in front of the clock tower of Big Ben, with the soothing words “Christmas is a time for celebration and reflection, but also to look forward to the New Year and a fresh start [my emphasis] … As I prepare for another busy year both here and in Parliament, you have my commitment that I will always have Rochdale’s best interests at heart”. There is more.

As we join together to celebrate this special season of goodwill, let our thoughts reach out to those at home and abroad who may be facing difficult times this Christmas … Let us hope for peace and harmony for next year and beyond”. Danczuk then signs off not as “MP for Rochdale”, but as “Rochdale’s MP”. On first glance, this looks an inoffensive offering. But an increasing number of local Labour supporters are less than pleased.

Why should this be? Ah well. The nearest that Danczuk gets to admitting that he is representing the Labour Party is that red tie he is wearing. There is no mention of the party under whose banner he was elected to Parliament, and certainly no mention of the party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, whose name he has done so much recently, with the assistance of the right-wing press, to routinely trash.
Look - no party!

On top of that, there is the heavy hint, by talking of looking “forward to the New Year and a fresh start”, that all those rumours of him jumping ship and either joining another party, or deciding to become an Independent, the representative of Himself, might after all have had some substance behind them. And that combination is what has angered many in the constituency who have previously campaigned for him.

Right now, social media sites are seeing more and more Labour Party members in and around Rochdale passing adverse comment on Danczuk’s Christmas card. These are the people he will need, come the next General Election, to go out in all weathers to persuade an increasingly sceptical electorate to choose him above all other candidates. They are the people he needs to help get the vote out on the day.

So how does Simon Danczuk say thank you to them? He cheerfully ignores the party they all joined, the party of which he claims to be a loyal member, and the party that got him to where he is today. After all the less than totally favourable publicity of the past year, and the accusations of disloyalty following his pursuit of money-making opportunities from the right-wing press, one might think Danczuk would not want to alienate his local support.

But that is what he appears to have done. What a star. What an absolute shower.


Anonymous said...

The answer is really quite simple.

De-select him.

The guy's so full of shit it's squirting out of his ears.

Anonymous said...

Whilst it can be entertaining watching Mr Danczuk squirm, these recent posts about him are thin on fact but full of speculation.

Perhaps the "fresh start" he talks of is his new young squeeze rather than the previous incarnations of Mrs Danczuk who, putting it mildly, were a tad flighty.

As for not mentioning his party in the card, this is classic Cyril Smith. The similarities with the 2 MPs are ironic but clear to see. Popularist and successful in getting the constituency vote but a very small fish in a big Westminster pond.

If Mr Danczuk wants a fresh start he should focus on delivery for his constituents rather than meddling in the Game of Thrones down south.

The social media noise attacking Simon Danzcuk, little of it sticks, in fact much of it helps the narrative that a crazy left wing coalition of old Militants, angry Peace activists and newer Green Party imports are trying to gain Momentum in Rochdale.

As for much of the angry web traffic, smears and insults, these can clearly be seen from 2 disparate sources: John Walker, formerly of RAP who is clearly very angry about the book Smile For The Camera. The Twitter feed "Bankers Did It" carries much of John Walker's fury.

The other quite rabid source is a chap called Paul Turner Mitchell. This chap is a bit of a mystery. He had a few businesses, no longer trading, but he styles himself a "high street retail expert". Just why there is so much venom against the Rochdale MP is odd. Even more disturbing is the similarity of content between the Twitter feed of Paul Mitchell and a "parody" Twitter account listed as "Simon_Danczuk". Will Mr Mitchell explain any connection between a Twitter feed that superimposes a penis and testicles on someones face and is obsessed about womens' breasts? Is he a fan of retro sexist nostalgia in the vein of Benny Hill or is he just be an ironic post modern feminist?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 08:14.

I'm not interested in seeing "...Mr Danczuk squirm..." anymore than I am interested in what social media says.

I just want the fellow out of public life. He's a disgrace to the constituency and an affront to decency.

The sooner he's gone the better for everybody.

Anonymous said...

anon 08.14 why have a go at Paul? Instead of kicking a man when he is down who is no longer with his wife and family why not have a go at Dumbchuck and his hareem?

Anonymous said...

But is Paul Turner Mitchell responsible for the fake simon_danczuk "parody" Twitter account? Yes or no?