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Wednesday 2 December 2015

Simon Danczuk - Warmongering Hypocrite

Back in the day, when he was a mere Parliamentary candidate, Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk was aghast at the way in which some serving and former politicians had no problem advocating for military action, without regard for the inevitable death and destruction visited upon civilian populations. But now he has the opportunity to put the boot into Jeremy Corbyn, and so all is miraculously changed.
When Israel launched strikes against Gaza in early 2009, Danczuk was unequivocal in condemning his Labour predecessor: “Mr Danczuk … criticised Rochdale’s former Labour MP, Lorna Fitzsimmons, who, in her capacity as chief executive of Britain Israel Research and Communications Centre, has been a vociferous advocate for the Israeli invasion … ‘Her comments on television are not helpful,’ he said. ‘She sounds nothing more than a feverish warmonger’”. He could not have put that more plainly.

But that was then, and now Danczuk, who readily concedes he voted against the last proposed bombing excursion in 2013, has decided that he is going to vote with the Government in favour of raining high explosive on mainly civilian areas of Syria, because the inhabitants are unfortunate enough to find themselves in areas controlled by ISIS, or whatever they’re called this week.

This is a most interesting decision - because my information is that Rochdale’s Constituency Labour Party has recommended that its MP should vote with Corbyn and most of Labour’s MPs, and oppose air strikes. There is, I am told, increasing unease among those who have stuck with Danczuk through all the machinations, dirty tricks and smear campaigns, at his inability to listen.

It gets worse: this evening, Danczuk is due to be awarded the Contrarian Prize, awarded to him presumably for his staggering lack of loyalty to his party leadership over a five and a half year period, and his ability to convert this clunking idiocy into scribbling lots of articles for papers that generally support the Tories, and in the process score More And Bigger Paycheques For The Benefit Of Himself Personally Now.

So it is entirely possible that, having annoyed many in his constituency, Danczuk will not make tonight’s vote. It would be the ultimate cop-out, made significantly worse by any missing votes being down to his placing pursuit of personal vanity above service to his constituents. His pro-bombing stance also suggests that he would vote that way not out of principle, but just to put one over on his party leadership.

Danczuk’s own reasoning shows why he is totally wrong on this one: “his support is contingent on the Government having a proper plan in place for the future of Syria and securing a commitment that there will be no British ground troops deployed”. There is no “proper plan” in place for the future of Syria. And he isn’t going to get that commitment. So why, other than to kick his own party leader, does he intend to back air strikes?

Simon Danczuk, you’re a warmongering hypocrite. And not fit to be an MP.


Anonymous said...

He's a hollow man.

He wouldn't know a principle if he tripped over one at the exit from the Murdoch payroll office.

An utter gimp.

Anonymous said...

Another anon said.

He is nothing more than the village idiot of the party.

No leader would appreciatte his teenage angst written drivel.

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't be surprised that someone as oily as Danczuk would actually use the bombing of another country as an excuse to advance his own agenda against Corbyn, yet somehow I am. I hope every dead Syrian child haunts his dreams once he and his cronies have lied and manipulated their way back into control of their moribund party.

Anonymous said...

Danczuk did finally turn up to vote, though I don't think he had been in attendance in the HoC during the day and certainly was not there while he was delivering his talk in the evening. Had the vote been scheduled for the same time as his self-promoting talk, who knows what he would have done? Not that listening to any debate mattered to Simon Danczuk, who had stated he would vote YES regardless. Well, can't have him on the same side as his leader Corbyn, can we? Danczuk had 'listened' to experts (who?) he claimed and also claimed he had consulted the electorate by knocking on doors in his constituency, though oddly for him, he didn't post any photos of doing that (in his cloth cap, the one he saves for local campaigning, him being a man of the northern working class and all that.) If anyone was doorstepped by Danczuk, and asked if they wanted him to vote in favour of bombing, can they come forward now? And tell us if normally they vote Tory anyhow?

http://www.thesocialshuttle.com/ said...

Doubt Simon Danczuk will feel shame about anything. This is the bloke who conned his electorate and a large conservative Asian community that he was a happily married man when it was clear he & his estranged wife hated each other's guts. Shameless opportunist.