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Sunday 13 December 2015

Simon Danczuk - BNP Fan

Another Sunday, another article allegedly by Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk, slagging off his own party leader - the only difference being that, this week, he has returned to the Mail On Sunday, despite the same paper dumping on him recerntly. But then, for Danczuk, the main point is not holding the press to account, but scoring More And Bigger Paycheques For The Benefit Of Himself Personally Now.
Under the headlineThe lunatics have taken over Labour ... it’s as if the BNP ran the Tory party”, readers are asked to “Imagine for a second hordes of BNP, EDL and National Front members mounting a hostile takeover of the Conservative Party. Consider how they’d set about transforming the organisation from top to bottom”. And what, pray, is the relevance to Labour and its current leader?

Ah well: “the same chilling scenario is unfolding in the Labour Party right now. The only difference is that the fanatical ideologues who have seized power are at the other end of the political spectrum … That’s why Labour moderates are finally waking up to a nightmare that’s been slowly unfolding since the day Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader”.
Encouraging a BNP candidate not just once ...

Danczuk even pretends that he has mainstream support within the party: “Tom Watson’s warning last week that entryists are trying to infiltrate Labour shows Corbyn’s not-so-secret plan has finally been rumbled”. Did Tom say that? What he actually said was that there was a problem with some branches of the Momentum organisation. And this can hardly be called a secret if it’s being splashed across the press.

But there are two very good reasons why Danczuk’s comments might leave an even nastier taste than usual this week. One is that, when it comes to entryism, the Tories have a far more serious problem than parts of Momentum are ever going to pose for Labour. Their entire youth wing has been infiltrated and taken over by a slate of officers who have been linked to the neo-con Young Britons’ Foundation.
... but twice. That's real Labour loyalty

Moreover, the YBF’s head man already controls the important campaign group Conservative Way Forward, and the YBF trains Tory activists. Even the right-wing press are covering this story, which has come out of the bullying scandal, but Simon Danczuk is still carrying on his attack on his party leader - which he has done with every one of those leaders going back to, and including, Tony Blair.

It gets worse - a lot worse. While Danczuk drones on about the BNP, he is actively befriending one of their Parliamentary candidates, Julie Lake, rewarding her with Twitter “likesfor her attacks on the Labour Party, despite her party affiliation being made very obvious to anyone making enquiries. So while the Tories suffer the real entryism problem, Simon Danczuk pretends this is particular to his own party. And then he gets caught egging on the BNP to join in the Labour bashing.

But he’s a loyal Labour man to his core. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.


anubeon said...

It's always about money with these people. Never mind the hoards of closeted Tory wets who've joined as '£23.50 members' and demolished Labour and it's values over the years; it's the handful of Torykipper trolls who *might* have slipped through the net (or not, in spite of their loud claims to have voted thrice, 4x, 5x, 6x, 1,000,000x!) that matter. The latter must be trotted out at every opportunity in an effort to discredit and dismiss the views of the tens of thousands of genuine Labour supporters and to minimise Corbyn's mandate (even if he'd have won an outright majority amongst we sainted paid members in the 2nd round – 49.6% in the 1st). The former must be cosseted and pampered by the press barons of Westminster upon Bubble, their track records a sleaze-balls and unreconstructed 20th liberals (not social democrats) ignored, their bitter words and hubris wielded as a cudgel with which to whack-a-mole us nasty little prols as per said press baron's instructions.

http://www.thesocialshuttle.com/ said...

Poor Simon. Polls keep saying Corbyn is becoming more popular as days go by. Perhaps Labour should commission a poll in Rochdale on how popular Danczuk is after he & Karen pretended to be a happily married couple until a month after the election when their true animosity for each other was revealed.

Anonymous said...

Danksuck + the Heil on Sunday + BNP + tories + YBF + "new"Labour = Same old corruption by the same old mentality.

It's so predictable, it's hilarious.

They constitute the Fawlty Towers of politics. With Danksuck as Sybil.

Anonymous said...

Some folk might say that the latest anti-Corbyn ravings have a familiar ring to them, as if it were Simon's ghost-writer behind it all again, a familiar Poison Pen with a massive chip on his shoulder.

In such a case, it's disingenuous of Simon to take any credit for leading his rabid-dog rebellion, when it's his supposed ex-staffer living out his political fantasies, bashing away at the keypad with the deranged tone of any angry student blog.

Talking about Simon's acolytes, seems Cheadle Labour has been busy lately on the Twitter timeline, especially in early November. Surely not another p0rn-favouriting scandal?