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Wednesday 16 December 2015

Guido Fawked - Drug Hypocrisy

In their efforts to rubbish anyone whose take on the Tories’ bullying scandal is not in accordance with their own, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog have managed to reveal their persistence, while letting slip an apparent descent into rank paranoia, coupled with rank hypocrisy that outdoes most of their previous efforts in this area. But their efforts have proved otherwise fruitless.
Feared and righteous with it. No, don't laugh

The Fawkes folks had clearly read a number of posts on Byline Media that provided fresh information about the bullying saga. Then, slowly but, er, slowly, the penny dropped that journalist and playwright Peter Jukes was an adviser to Byline (nothing gets past Staines, especially as he takes up so much room on the pavement). The articles were not to their liking. So a wave of abuse was directed at Jukes.
There had been one attempt by Staines and his pals to rebut a Jukes article on Byline, back in April, but this was so laughably deficient (see the Zelo Street fisk HERE) that they have wisely decided not to put their grammatical expertise, or the lack of it, on the line again. So abuse it is. That abuse suggests that Jukes is dependent on prescription drugs, and that he has not been taking them (you were expecting original and subtle?).
So the “Jukesy 10pm! Time for your medication” from March had changed little by Monday this week: “Morning Jukesy TIME FOR YOUR MEDS!” Yesterday, the level of Fawkes originality was as before, with “Morning Jukesy! It's time… “. But, as Zelo Street regulars will know, The Great Guido is the last one who should be getting righteous about drug use, and abuse, as Edwin Smith’s Esquire magazine portrait of the Fawkes rabble showed.
This is from the opening paragraph of the article: “On the desk there are three empty, supersized cans of Red Bullpainkillers … Behind me, there are boxes with wires spewing out of them, a video camera, ring binders piled on top of one another and two massive cartons of duty-free Marlboro Lights” [my emphasis].
Originality - they ain't got it

It gets worse: “When we arrive at the pub around the corner, the barmaid suggests [Staines’] usual tipple – a bottle of chablis”. A whole bottle of Chablis - at lunchtime. You want worse? Staines has four alcohol related convictions, including two for drinking and driving. His journeys into a state of alcoholic derangement are the stuff of legend.
And talking of drug abuse ...

Indeed, it was at this time last year that Zelo Street exclusively broke the news that Staines had been thrown out of the IoD for drunkenness. The post included photos showing that Staines was so Elephant’s Trunk And Mozart that he was having difficulty seeing straight. A video was added, showing him clearly unsteady on his feet - before being escorted out of the building. He has no room to snipe about drug use and misuse.

And he has no room to smear Peter Jukes, or anyone else, with tinfoil helmet photos. It is, after all, Staines and his pals who give the appearance of being scared shitless that someone might be clued up on the Tory bullying scandal - and that they not only don’t know where they’re getting their information, but also cannot do anything about it. That sounds awfully like paranoia - but I’d stop short of making “meds” jokes. Even for Staines.


Anonymous said...

In an article published by the Libertarian Alliance in 1991, Mr Staines wrote enthusiastically of his experiences with LSD and ecstasy, saying: "I have fond memories of taking LSD and pure MDMA, trance-dancing and thinking that I had turned into a psychedelic, orgiastic wisp of smoke – it was the most staggeringly enjoyable, mind-warping experience I have ever had. The only word to describe it is WOW!"


Anonymous said...

Whilst I agree with Staines concerns on politicians but public gossip is not a way to conduct any grudges.

If there is an issue then it is wise to contact the person who has offended and give them the chance to own up or report them to authorities.

When these procedures fail it creates a hostile mess.

Gossip can and does ruin lives. Some people genuinely believe they are in possession of truth. That can cost them dearly.
We know Staines is angry and many around the country too. His tactics are exacerbating issues.

He's lashing out at others because his own career dive bombed.

That is nobody else's fault but his own.
He is of course a very good example of why people shouldnt use drugs. Neither should they go in to politics.

The old saying that drug use at UNI is par for the course as in rock and roll and celebrity land but politics is much different. We are talking about people who are supposed to be of standard and expect us to look to them for being our saviours. Sadly, it is telling a different story.

Some will say that they are entitled to a past and leave it in the past.
Okay, it should also be a right for those who disagree to disagree.

We need to make sure these circumstances never arise again.
There should be a future set date and from that date anyone who is not already in a position ready for politics should not apply if they have a history of drug use or criminal convictions.

I believe this to be a fair proposal.

Anonymous said...

I know certainly of 2 London law firms who have substantial information on the cr
imes this man's friends have carried out. In one case female victims have ended up in hospital. Everyone's communications on these events are with lawyers and police are considering tracing texts and phonecalls of anyone involved. That includes politicians.

Andy McDonald said...

Making digs about the mental health of your opponent is shocking, a throwback to a less enlightened age, and has no place in public discourse...if you're Ken Livingstone.

Double standards, anyone? If it's out of order, it's out of order for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Why are police 'only considering?'

I knew there was a reason he ran to Ireland.

He certainly isn't working for any legit investigation.
Why would he need to threaten people with courts and solicitors?

I think he's a bit f**ked then.

Prince Philip said...

Staines bears a striking resemblance to late-period Martin Webster of NF (and attractive-young-male-patriots) fame.
Are they by chance related?

Anonymous said...

What are the odds on various websites being blocked in UK?
Alex Jones and Fawkes blog.
I think there will be more.

They have had a good run.

AndyB said...

I presume these attacks are more to do with Peter championing the investigation into the murder of Daniel Morgan than anything to do with drugs.

Those at The S** and their supporters will do what it takes to smear anybody who points out the relationships between the Murdoch news empire, criminals and corrupt police in the Met. That is what much of this is about and the fact that Peter engages in journalism while the Murdoch crowd are just in it for the money and power to destroy good people is clear.

Henry VIII said...

Such an awesome chap this Staines fellow.
An excellent role model for Catholics everywhere.
I wish he was my wife!

The Pope said...

The unexplained shrinking of the communal wine stocks no longer remain a mystery.