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Wednesday 8 October 2014

UKIP – Sing Something Stupid

A kind Zelo Street reader has been burdened by a particularly useless piece of waste paper – an election leaflet for UKIP. But, in a kind gesture of sharing, this has been copied and sent on before being committed to the sad and inevitable journey to the recycling plant to be made into, oh I dunno, probably more useless leaflets for Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his fellow saloon bar propper-uppers.
Now it's squeaky policy finger up the bum time

Under the blanket heading “UKIP is working to ...”, Mr Thirsty’s followers clearly assume their audience knows nothing about most, if not all, of the subjects covered. So we are regaled with “End the interference of European Courts in British legal affairs” when no such thing happens. But they will “put the rights of British victims ahead of foreign criminals”. Pity about the victims of British crims, mind.

But enough levity: let’s examine three of the things that UKIP is “working to” deal with, starting with “Abolish Income Tax on the minimum wage and scrap inheritance tax”. The second part of that will cost a non-trivial amount. So, Farage fringe, what other tax will be raised, or services cut, to pay for it? And why is this apparently populist party prioritising the well off?

How about “Reduce the imposition of large scale housing developments and the over-burdening of the NHS, schools and GPs’ surgeries”? This is particularly stupid; hospitals and GP practices across entire areas are not going to be “overburdened” by a single housing estate, plus local authorities know what is coming down the line and so can adjust school places accordingly.
Larger than the back of a cigarette packet - but not by much

It also suggests UKIP do not understand how new housing forms part of local authority plans: perhaps they could approach one or two councils and ask for a briefing. But the Kippers really take the biscuit with “Secure our energy supplies, reduce reliance on imported gas and cut bills by reducing the ‘green’ taxes which distort the energy markets”. Yeah, right.

How do we “secure our energy supplies” by reducing the amount of imported gas, especially if green incentives are reduced? Do the Kippers intend to re-open coal mines (which would increase the cost of energy)? How do we move to use more renewable energy sources if green incentives are reduced? And what is “reducing reliance on imported gas”, if not distorting the energy markets?

Or does the Farage fringe see a future in fracking, despite there not having been one successful commercial UK operation as yet? One thing is for sure, there is no way that bills would be reduced. And what about energy saving measures? Or is UKIP not going to bother with those? And, if not, how does it expect to manage without all that imported gas? This is a truly stupid series of policies.

The problem with insulting the voters is that they might find out


Andy McDandy said...

Re. The housing/GPs/schools claim. I think it's just code for 'send the buggers back'.

SteveB said...

The "Secure our energy supplies, reduce reliance on imported gas " bit was in the 2010 manifesto as well - and given the goings on with Russia trying to rebuild the old empire and Qatar linked (allegedly..) to funding ISIS that is not a bad idea. But as always with UKIP there has to be a spanner in the works. In 2010 they correctly recognised that energy security was important but they also recognised that there were votes in opposing wind turbines. So they batted for both sides - cut imported energy but ban expansion of our own, safe wind power. There was mention of new nuclear to fill the gap but no mention of where they would be built - hopefuly on the sites of the blocked wind turbines!

This time it looks like more of the same, stop importing but also stop initiatives on energy saving and for gods sake don't talk about the shortfall!!

The over burdening of GPs and schools thing is real and has been going on for decades - nothing to do with immigrants, just shear bad planning. Look at Crewe, examples such as Brookhouse (council housing) or around Parkers Road (private) where large developments were built with no thought of facilities. And at that time incomers from the Potteries were viewed as exotic! Oddly enough some of those are now the forefront of UKIP in Crewe campaigning aginst this sort of thing.....

Andy McDandy said...

Nuclear has always had support from the reactionary element, not least because it allows some macho posturing and sticking it to the hippies.