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Friday 17 October 2014

Don’t Menshn Ebola

The spread of Ebola within West Africa continues, with medical facilities badly overstretched; countries like the UK and USA aare ramping up the assistance they give, as are other EU member states. Some cases have been reported here and also Stateside. Ebola is one of those issues where everyone pulls together. I mean, nobody would make it into a party political issue, would they?
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Unfortunately, yes they would. Thus far, no mainstream politician in the UK has done so, but over in her suitably upmarket and no doubt exclusive Manhattan abode, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch has decided that she is up for a little jumping of this particular shark. For her, voting GOP in the USA, or Tory in the UK, is not mere politics, but a matter of life and death.
You think I jest? Sadly I do not: Ms Mensch first turned her thoughts to the distant 2016 US Presidential Election, a prospect that fills many Republicans with dread, as it means losing not only to the Democrats, but to a woman (if it ain’t Hill, it’ll be Elizabeth Warren). “Wonder if Republicans traditionally being the ‘daddy party’ on discipline will serve the nominee in 2016 over Ebola. Inclined to think so”.
So the Mensch message is clear: vote GOP unless you want Ebola to rampage from NYC to LA and take out everyone who doesn’t. Her take on the UK was similar: “Same in the UK. If there is a serious outbreak in the UK I doubt the voters will risk a Labour Government. Time to get serious”.
Would madam like to perhaps row back on that one? No way: “I mean exactly what I say. Look at Diane Abbott’s irresponsible comments on Ebola patients, Mili’s open door policy”. That would be the same open door policy that her favoured party is pursuing, whatever the rhetoric. And what did Diane Abbott say?
Well, Diane Abbott didn’t actually say it: “Whoops! Apparently the Diane Abbott thing was a parody. Still have no doubt re Ebola and border/health policies. Labour not trusted”. So her “information” was crap, but the rotten lefties done it anyway. And love the idea that Labour are not trusted on health issues (wrong).
But on she ploughs, letting us know, whether we like it or not, that this is a national security issue, and that means you have to vote Tory: “I have no doubt whatsoever that when real national security issues arise, people vote for whoever is stronger ... in the UK, not Labour”. How would they know if the party is in opposition?

In any case, you’d be pressed to find a more authoritarian Home Secretary than, oh I dunno, Jack Straw, and he isn’t a Tory. No, what we’ve got here is the ultimate Louise Mensch shark-jumping exercise: vote for my team or you’ll all die.

And she wonders why she’s a figure of ridicule. No change there, then.


Shawlrat said...

Should we be concerned for her sanity?

Arnold said...

There's little need for anyone to parody Louise Mensch.