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Friday 25 April 2014

UKIP – Another Fruitcake Supporter

As Nigel “Thirsty” Farage tries to waffle his way out of the discovery that one of the hand-picked UKIP supporters in their election broadcast, Andre Lampitt, turned out to be a rabid racist and Islamophobe, he needs to ask his party apparatchiks how nobody spotted the Twitter bio containing “Born British in Rhodesia”, as well as the truly repellent contents of the account.
And while Nige and his fellow saloon bar propper-uppers figure that one out, the rest of us should not be surprised at the discovery: there are, after all, fruitcakes a-plenty among the party’s supporters. One superb example, going by the name of Kenny Bee, and with the Twitter handle @seafarer1847, has come to the attention of Zelo Street: the level of idiocy on view here is quite remarkable.
Kenny wanted everyone to know why they should vote Farage: “The EU and it’s [sic] socilaist [sic] followers desire a Muslim takeover of Europe. Keep voting Lib Lab Cons if that’s what you want, otherwise vote UKIP”. Scaremongering, much? Talking of which, “Scaremongerin [sic] like Bliar [sic] saying Iraq could launch Weapons of Mass destruction hitting UK in 11 minutes?
Anyhow ... back to those scary Muslims! “The Muslim problem is now officially recognised albeit a little bit late. They were pre warned but called us racists so VOTE UKIP OR LOSE UK”. Wibble. Is he serious? You betcha, says Sarah: “Does anyone actually imagine that EU, Labour, Liberals & Tories will do something about this massive invasion of muslims in Europe & UK”.
And if it wasn’t Muslims, it was Romanians: “They make electronic devices that steal your credur [sic] Card details, helped by the EU probably”. Wibble again. Heck, he’s even paranoid about kebabs, which, in UKIP land, don’t just contain meat: “not to mention the mouse and rat droppings of which are around 5%”. Wibble once more.
Is Kenny only paranoid about Muslims, Romanians and kebabs? You jest: “Remember, Liverpool is the capital of Ireland” he warns. Perhaps that explains why the unemployed builder in the UKIP poster is an IRISH actor (David O’Rourke). Then it’s back to Muslims: “I think Fony [sic] Bliar [sic] realises at last that he & Labour fcuked [sic] up big time supporting the invasion of Iraq. We now have a muslim problem in the UK”. Straws, clutching, much?
Any further paranoia? Yep, there’s Nick Clegg. Seriously: “One can tell Clogg [sic] has run out of steam. Time for him to piss off to Belgium” (Lampitt also had a problem in this area, but with Ed Miliband). And to finish? The BBC! “BBC are fully funded and run by the EU. The TV Licence is now unnecessary and should no longer be charged. STOP PAYING FOR IT!

He can even see the black helicopters from his bedroom window. Probably.


rob said...

A Daily Express reader - probably?

Anonymous said...

You'll find more of his type on the #bluehand hashtag. Plenty of homophobia and Islamophobia.