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Monday 23 September 2013

Don’t Menshn The U-Turn

Some pundits love to burnish their high principles, and none are better at polishing up their self-proclaimed integrity than former Tory MP (and now faithful servant of the Murdoch empire) Louise Mensch, who was especially keen to find fault with Damian McBride’s rush to publish his memoir of serving Pa Broon. She is also quick to condemn the deeply subversive Guardian.
But here a problem enters: the Twitter back catalogue is still there, and my goodness, it’s got some pearlers in it. Let’s look at the Mensch attitude to the Official Secrets Act, for one: here, she asserts “I’m calling for Miranda, Greenwald and the Guardian to be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act”. That’s unequivocal. There is no way any other meaning can be inferred.
And here’s another, from around the same time: the Guardian had been “rebuked in court for its sloppy tradecraft”. OK, it hadn’t, she made it up, and there are signs of having read rather too much John le Carre, but there can be little doubt that she is on the side of prosecution, using the full weight of the law.
Now let’s go back to when Ms Mensch was an MP in 2011, and it all looks very different: when the Met used the Official Secrets Act to demand the paper handed over information, she Tweeted “This is not right. Journalists have to protect sources for us to have a free press”. Explain that one, Ms M.
And while Louise is extricating herself from that one, let’s move right along to her sneering at the Guardian for losing readers: “All time low this month”. Yeah, it’s just boring! What a rubbish paper! Who wants to read it? Think yourself lucky that the intrepid Ms Mensch will save you the trouble!
Then comes a doubling down: “I hate those who endanger the lives of British soldiers, security personnel and public”. So as well as being boring, the Guardian is clearly staffed by a load of traitorous cowards. But it wasn’t in 2011.
And remember folks, this is the same person talking: “If only other media outfits had the Guardian’s guts. Truly, they are the best paper in Fleet Street bar none. Progressive, beautifully written”. I’m sure this volte face has nothing to do with Rupe’s award of More And Bigger Paycheques For Herself Personally Now.

What a complete, utter and craven hypocrite. Pass the sick bag.

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Ciaran Goggins said...

Lulu is a naughty scamp - she named Ched Evans "victim" yet is not going to be arrested by North Wales Police. Two laws? One for rich and one for poor?