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Saturday 28 September 2013

Don’t Menshn The Syria U-Turn

Just when you might have thought that there was no more hypocrisy and U-Turning left for former Tory MP Louise Mensch to do, she goes that extra mile and proves you wrong.
Has she got hypocrisy for us? You betcha

Last week it was her blatant volte face over the deeply subversive Guardian, and now it’s Syria, where, only a month ago, she was cheering on Young Dave’s jolly good wheeze to lob cruise missiles into the country.
And when Mil The Younger dissented from the Cameron view, she was indignant: “Miliband looking exceptionally weak after trying to face both ways on Syria. Playing politics with the lives of the gassed” she ranted, although of course the Labour leader had been consistent from the start.
Her solution? Get bombing: “A targeted strike against Assad’s chemical facilities would be right and just”. And why would that be? Ah well. One should not query the wisdom of Ms Mensch. See what happened to those rotten lefties, for a start.
Labour whips were applauding, laughing and cheering Miliband in their office ... Cameron was the only leader who led ... hang around is all we’re going to do and it is on Miliband’s head”. Listen up, political people, Louise says we’ve got to do some bombing, and do it NOW!
Fast forward one month, and guess what? We don’t need to do some bombing! No, we need to do the humanitarian aid thing instead. “Children are starving, bombed in Syria outside Govt areas and the border is closed for food and water. Get a humanitarian resolution through” she commanded yesterday.
But what about all that “leading”? What about the chemical weapons attacks? Nope, she’s hearing none of it: “Reports of new chemical attack in Syria miss the point. Food, water are choked off outside of Damasus [sic], Govt areas. Concentrate on AID now”.

So what about “the lives of the gassed”? What about that “right and just” targeted strike? What indeed. Another example of rank hypocrisy from another of what Robin Day so rightly called “here today and gone tomorrow politicians”. Pass the sick bucket.

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