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Monday 16 September 2013

Delingpole Confirms He’s A Loser

After his withdrawal from the Corby and East Northamptonshire by-election last year, which happened, by total coincidence you understand, just a few hours before he would have had to stump up a £500 deposit, James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole basked briefly in the adoration of his devoted followers (Damian and Toby Bonkers) and then went quiet about it.
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And, as I pointed out at the time, there was good reason for him to do so, given that his serially clueless pal Chris Heaton Harris, Tory MP for Daventry, had let slip that he had got his own deputy chairman to resign from the party so he could be Del Boy’s election agent, and that the Delingpole candidature had only been declared after John Hayes had been appointed an energy minister.

There was the added element of a potential conspiracy including other elements within the Tory Party, and even the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance. After Hayes gave his “enough is enough” speech, and Del Boy “declared victory” and withdrew, James MacKenzie reported Del and Heaton Harris to Northants Police for potential breaches of electoral law.

So what has Delingpole done today? Has he maintained a low profile on anything to do with the campaign? Has he heck. As if he wanted to make people realise that his supposed “campaign” was anything but, Del has taken to the bear pit that is Telegraph blogs not to praise John Hayes and all other supposedly sound Tories, but to bemoan the influence of the hated Lib Dems.

And that would be influence on the energy policy that he claimed had been wrested away last November, when he needed an excuse not to pay that £500 deposit. Now, he agrees that Ed Davey is in charge: “a greenie-lefty ideologue with the charisma of a bowl of congealed porridge – the kind of stolid, minor party functionary who would normally never have come within a mile of public office”.

So not John Hayes, the author of that speech. No, “thanks almost entirely to David Cameron, this born loser and low-rent malcontent, has somehow found himself with more power than any of the ministers belonging to the majority party of government”. Del might want to revisit the punctuation there. “This potato-faced nobody really has got one over John Hayes and Eric Pickles and Owen Paterson” he moans.

All of which leads to just one conclusion: Delingpole knew full well that Hayes’ speech was ineffectual hot air, something to give him an excuse to avoid paying that £500 deposit. His rant today confirms that his “campaign” was phony, and also proves that any attempts to pull Government energy policy to the right have well and truly foundered. So Heaton Harris comes out looking even worse, too.

If the Police decided not to take action, Del should consider himself very lucky.

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