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Wednesday 31 July 2019

Wiggy And Banksy Sweating On New Info

More documents have been released by the Commons DCMS Committee, courtesy of whistleblower Brittany Keiser, who was formerly director of business development for now-defunct Cambridge Analytica. These are all about Leave EU and those who assisted it - like Arron Banks’ oily sidekick Andy Wigmore, pollster Gerry Gunster, lawyer Matthew Richardson, Alexander Nix of CA, and others in their orbit.
That orbit also includes people like Simon “Enoch was right” Heffer, and the Barclay Brothers, who own the Telegraph titles and Spectator magazine, plus one Matthew Goodwin. The release of information by Damian Collins and his pals has been eagerly read and inwardly digested by the Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr.
She picks apart some of the detail. “There is a lot in here. This for eg is very interesting. It's a discussion of legality of what they're planning to do with data with Matthew Richardson. He's a key player who connects Nigel Farage to the US far right. Ex-general secretary of UKIP & close to Robert Mercer”. Also connected to the now defunct YBF.
Also “Arron Banks & Alexander Nix both told parliament that Cambridge Analytica did no work for LeaveEU. But this confirms [Observer] story from last year. We revealed CA invoiced UKIP £41,500 for work. & Arron Banks paid UKIP. UKIP just never handed £ over … Here's Kaiser's statement to the committee. ‘Chargeable work was completed for UKIP & LeaveEU & I have strong reasons to believe that those datasets & analysed data processed by Cambridge Analytica … were later used by the LeaveEU campaign.’
Well, well. Do go on. “[Matthew Goodwin] has always been VERY cross about everything to do with the whole Cambridge Analytica/Facebook story. No idea why”. Some people are not at all happy at the information release. Like Banksy and Wiggy.
Banksy targeted Collins. “You mean the professional whistleblower who’s making a career of making stuff up with a book deal and failed Netflix film! The witch-hunt so last season!!” We won’t be seeing another legal threat, though, will we? And how about Wiggy?
He was going off on one at Labour MP Ian Lucas. “Of course the corrupt [Electoral Commission should re-open the case Lol … the [Information Commissioner’s Office have already investigated this [Ian Lucas] with all this information already - do keep up.  Old Codswallop and Kaiser making you and [Damian Collins] look more stupid than you are already”. But he wasn’t making any more sense than usual.
He did, though, make one baseless accusation. “Desperate stuff [Damian Collins] know one [sic] cares - oh and are those emails obtained illegally - computer misuse act - tut tut stolen data, oh the irony”. The emails were volunteered to Collins and his committee by Ms Keiser. But then, Wiggy never did have the best grasp of facts. Oh the irony, indeed.
And Peter Jukes has added this comment: “More evidence that [Cambridge Analytica] DID work for Farage’s Leave EU Campaign, despite all the later denials. The payment went to [Boris] Johnson adviser Steve Bannon. So, apart from Russia, Brexit was illicitly bought by foreign interference”. Something neither Banksy or Wiggy are yet denying.

Or, indeed, that most of the press, and broadcasters, are covering. That’s the scary part.
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Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Bannon's genius seems to be in advising Banks and these other twats,like he did Trump, that if you put the words 'failed/failing' or 'corrupt' in front of an opponent's name or organisation in a tweet, it magically evaporates all their evidence and demolishes all their arguments and instantly converts readers to your side.
'The failing Amazon company'
'The corrupt David Attenborough'

The power of language, eh?

Anonymous said...

Anybody reasonably acquainted with US far right politics will be completely ungobsmacked at the Texas and Dallas connection......

Unknown said...

In case you didn't know Tim, Guido asshat Ross Kempsell has joined Number 10 as a "as a special adviser"


Apt Man said...

Bannon, genius?
'Scuse me while I laugh at you. A lot. Because that's just moronic.

Bannon couldn't screw in a lightbulb if he took a year of classes! A genius? Hahahahahaha! Oh mate...

Apt Man said...

A special advisor?

Oh for goodness sake.