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Wednesday 31 December 2014

Katie Hopkins Insults Her Own Bosses

The Murdoch Sun likes to portray rent-a-rant Katie Hopkins as someone who is “just telling it like it is”. It is, after all, what she says on her Twitter bio. But whether those in charge at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun are quite so well-disposed to Ms Hopkins after her latest bad taste attempt at self-promotion remains to be seen, given that she has insulted her editor, and her proprietor’s heritage, as well as all Scots.
Pauline Cafferkey, a nurse who had volunteered to work with Save The Children to help treat victims of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, had flown to Glasgow via Casablanca and London’s Heathrow airport. She had not tested positive for any symptoms of the disease at Heathrow, but had felt feverish and was admitted to hospital in Glasgow before being transferred to London’s Royal Free Hospital.
The Royal Free has a specialist unit where Ebola patients can be treated in isolation; this was where Will Pooley was treated and made a full recovery. None of this appeared to matter to Ms Hopkins, who went in with both feet yesterday: “Little sweaty Jocks, sending us Ebola bombs in the form of sweaty Glaswegians just isn’t cricket. Scottish NHS sucks” she ranted aimlessly. And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here.

One, Pauline Cafferkey hails from Fife - she is not a Glaswegian. But two, David Dinsmore, who edits the Sun, the paper where Ms Hopkins has a column, most certainly is from the city. And that’s before the uncaring abuse of those who quite literally risk their lives to help those unfortunate countries where Ebola has taken hold. Katie, just to show that she was deaf to such niceties, promptly doubled down.
Glaswegian Ebola patient moved to London’s Royal Free Hospital. Not so independent when it matters most are we jocksville?” she sneered. Once again, Ms Cafferkey is not Glaswegian - this has proved a difficult one for Ms Hopkins - and urgent medical issues like this transcend petty nationalism. Why does Ms Hopkins think all those nurses and doctors volunteered to help in Sierra Leone?

Still, she wasn’t insulting anyone who mattered, was she? Well, yes she was: apart from Dinsmore, as anyone who followed the Scottish referendum campaign will have known, Rupert Murdoch’s forebears hail from a place in Scotland called Rosehearty. So she’s dissed Creepy Uncle Rupe’s family too. On top of that, her campaign to demonise the overweight has landed her with several complaints to the Police.
She doesn’t quite get the seriousness of this: “Reported for hate crime by a chubster? Give me a break” she sniffed earlier. It wasn’t the only Police complaint: she’s been reported for the Ebola Tweets. But then, Ms Hopkins has previous when it comes to insulting Scots: she had to apologise after joking about Scots’ life expectancy just hours after the Glasgow helicopter crash last year.

Best apologise quickly this time Katie - Rupe and the Police might take a dim view.

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AndyC said...

Dont the police have better things to do than waste a single minute pursuing this ridiculous self-publicist? They are forever telling us that their budgets are stretched. Perhaps they might concentrate on rather more important stuff.

Happy new year btw.