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Saturday 23 March 2013

Mail Asylum Intolerance (Again)

When is an asylum seeker not an asylum seeker? When he’s on benefits, that’s when. “On benefits in Birmingham, the African war criminal we can't kick out: Rant of 'murderer' staying on human rights grounds is being funded by tax payer” thunders the Mail today, remembering to use those quotation marks, because had they just called their target a killer, they could be in deep trouble.

F***ing asylum seekers? Who cares about them, c***?!?

And the idea that someone they are ranting about being the one doing the ranting is just coming it. The supposed “war criminal”, Mohamed Salim (that means Muslims, Mail readers, so you have to Be Very Afraid), is Sudanese (so doubly bad, because, well, it’s written, that’s why) and it has been decided that his life would be in danger were he to be deported back there.

This is sufficient for the why-oh-why brigade (Commanding Officer Oberscheissenfuehrer Paul Dacre) to unload on Salim, Muslims, the Welfare system, the Asylum system, the ECHR, and of course what the Mail’s unfunny and talentless churnalist Richard Littlejohn repeatedly calls “Yuman Rights”. Human rights are clearly only A Good Thing if not granted to foreigners.

Salim gets £160 a month! It’s a handout! And he doesn’t work for it! He lives in a big house with six bedrooms! And Daily Mail readers pay for it! Where’s Littlejohn? Come on, Dicky Windbag: “You couldn’t make it up! Mind how you go”. No, Salim does not work, because he isn’t allowed to. And the great big house is shared with several other people. And you try living on £40 a week, Mail hacks.

The £40 is, of course, an allowance given to asylum seekers, which, despite all the tales about the UK being a soft touch where such people get shedloads of benefits, is less than they get in France. But what of this “war criminal” business? Ah well. Here we encounter the Mail’s selective use of facts to suit the approved Dacre narrative. Salim’s involvement in this is disputed.

He is alleged to have claimed he took part in killings as part of the Janjaweed militias, but has also withdrawn the claim. What is not in dispute is that he has given out information about Sudanese rebel groups which means he could be targeted if he returns to the country. So, even though he has previously been denied the right to remain in the UK, he has not been deported.

That the extent of his involvement with the Janjaweed is disputed is why the Mail has had to put “murderer” in quote marks. But the readers get the message anyway: he’s foreign, and even though the Mail is not at all racist, oh no, only black people whose behaviour is approved by Dacre and his hacks can become the Daily Mail’s Kind Of People. Mohamed Salim, it has been decided, is not one of them.

Thus another gesture of tolerance and compassion by the Dacre attack doggies.

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