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Sunday 3 March 2013

Donald Trumps Himself

Those watching the continuing saga of king of the combover Donald Trump and his battle against anyone in Scotland passing adverse comment upon him – which, on current evidence, would seem to be most of that country’s residents except for Alex Salmond – and the Great Man’s campaign against any whisky brand that incurs his displeasure may have noticed a lull in the action.

Donald, Where's Your Hairspray?

That could be because The Donald has other demons to rail against, as well as needing to allocate a significant amount of his time to promoting Himself Personally Now. So the Trump Twitter feed has very little about Scotland right now, but lots of retweets of those who tell him what he wants to hear, who buy his merchandise, and lots about his media appearances.

Sadly, though, not every media outlet wishes to fawn over this appalling fraud, and one of those outlets is Esquire magazine. So Esquire is “dead” or “dying”, filled with “hatred” and “boring”. Sales won’t have been harmed by that outburst. Another Trump own goal.

Fortunately, someone has been daft enough to not only buy Trump merchandise, but take to Twitter about it. This adulatory endorsement was leapt on by The Hairspray Man to demonstrate that his products are a success. Well, with someone they are.

More seriously, Trump has threatened a lawsuit against Bill Maher, who has told him where to shove his stupid idea. Trump is not a happy bunny, and has told his followers to ditch HBO in reprisal. This has been less than totally successful (some detail of the background can be read HERE).

Meanwhile, the Great Man has decided to advise CNN on how to grow their audience. They are not listening. If only “they were smart enough to ask”, he smirks. But they won’t be seeing his message. If only he’d been smart enough not to put a space between the @ and CNN.

But Donald has been on the Today Show. So that makes him important. Especially as he was on with ... Ivanka Trump. Who just happens to be the daughter of the first in the line of up-to-date blonde wives of Himself Personally Now. Pass the sick bucket.

In any case, Mr Combover still has clout in politics. So much so that he’s been having a snark at Karl Rove. Why should this be? Because Rove wants the Republican Party to put its most electable, rather than ideologically pure, candidates before the voters. As Trump is neither, he’s not happy.

And this is a successful businessman. Takes all sorts, I suppose.

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