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Thursday 25 July 2019

Allison Pearson - Drink That Kool-Aid

As the propaganda operation ramps up, it should surprise no-one to see right-leaning pundits going totally OTT in their fawning support of London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. And there is no pundit more adept at fawning than the Telegraph’s beacon of delusion Allison Pearson, who was once a voice of moderation, but is now screamingly, indeed almost scarily, right-wing.
Ms Pearson has, in the past 24 hours, discharged her two jobs - telling everyone how wonderful Bozo The Clown will be, and rubbishing anyone and everyone who says otherwise - magnificently, starting with the obligatory denunciation of the hated BBC.
In his Boris report, [Mark Easton] allows a young woman to assert the new PM is ‘racist’. How about asking, ‘Why has he given three of the four top jobs to the children of immigrants then?’” she protests. HOW DARE THAT BBC CHAP ALLOW ONE OF THE HOI POLLOI TO SPEAK? And, indeed, LOOK OVER THERE!
She managed to miss the “Watermelon smiles”, referring to Muslim women as “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”, referring to the then US President as “Part Kenyan”, and indeed his meeting Natalie Rowe some years ago, and celebrating the occasion by brandishing half a melon at her and making monkey noises in accompaniment.
Ms Pearson knows full well why someone might call “Racist” on Johnson. She also knows to endorse meaningless twaddle, and so has Retweeted Tim Stanley pulling a proper steamer as he asserts “Seriously, a brilliant appointment. JRM knows our constitution like the back of his hand and the PM needs a real brain managing the House” on hearing that the Honourable Member for times long past has been made Leader of the Commons.
We do not have a written constitution. Still, minor point, eh? Ms Pearson was in the meantime being lauded by the Tel for her latest column: “Britain’s Trump? Boris Johnson will prove himself to be a cosmopolitan centrist”. As opposed to an unprincipled liar, spendthrift, promise-breaker, seller-out of London’s cab trade, supine caver-in to rich property developers, and infamous philanderer of unknown maximum child count.
But her pièce de résistance was, once again, to put the boot in on the Beeb. “Anyone remember [BBC News] asking if Tony Blair, on the day he entered Number 10, was fit to be PM?” she demanded. Emma Kennedy had a guess. “Well no, but then he hadn’t been sacked twice for lying, wasn’t on tape arranging for someone to be beaten up, wasn’t homophobic or casually racist and he was able to confirm how many children he has”.
Also, Tone had just scored a General Election victory which gave his party a 180 seat majority in the House of Commons. Johnson’s Tory Party only keeps its head above water thanks to the DUP - who will be wanting more of those bribes to continue the arrangement.

Allison Pearson would look more honest if she just had “Hurrah for Bozo The Clown” on a tape loop. The entertainment value, though, would diminish significantly.

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Anonymous said...

I think were talking fanfic rather than journalism here. Sadly, there'll be more where that came from.

Anonymous said...

Pearson was never "moderate". She was a plant.

There are others, particularly in the rump Blair-Brown gang. Time will show who they are.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha, did you see how scared the Labour benches were today at the thought of a GE? Miserable old Steptoe soundly put in his place by real leadership and Mrs Balls looking like she'd been sucking lemons! True Conservatism (what you commies call far or alt right) is in the ascendency. It is the natural politics of these islands, it invented the modern world and made this country great, it was what the British public want. All you have left is your pathetic moaning and shouts of waaaycccist because someone marks a factual comment, amnesty for illegals anyone?

We are finished with the miserable navel-gazing politics of the past, EU federalism is for the mediocre, freedom for Britain is coming!

Stephen said...

Wagner had Jewish friends, so he can't have been anti-Semitic.

Tim Fenton said...


That is the last slice of right-wing disinformation propaganda you get to post here.

Thought you'd like to know. Bye!

Anonymous said...

Well said Tim!
We can do without disinformation propaganda on this blog, we're drowning in it now Vote Leave is the Cabinet!
@3 Jog on, and good riddance!