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Saturday 20 July 2019

Luke Akehurst Channels Joseph Stalin

Amidst the welter of highly adverse comment being passed by those on the right of the Labour Party against Jeremy Corbyn, and indeed anyone who speaks in favour of him, it only takes one Tweet to give the game away and reveal the true nature of those claiming to be the inheritors of true party democracy, thus showing that they are about anything but. The latest to let the mask slip is one Luke Akehurst.
Luke Akehurst ...

Akehurst, who describes himself only as “Labour”, which sounds rather Louis XIV, presides over a Twitter feed which gives the impression of a low moaning noise in response to anything and everything emanating from the party leadership. Whatever Jezza does is, by definition, wrong. Any hostility to Corbyn is gratefully Retweeted.
But when a list was published yesterday titled “Councillors in support of Jeremy Corbyn”, Akehurst lost his cool. The sight of all those names under the assertion “We are elected councillors who are proud to represent the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership” was just too much for him. “Useful list for future reference” he sniffed.
Why would he need that list for future reference? Akehurst’s proclamation was immediately picked up, not least by one Tweeter who simply asked “What for, Luke?” Alistair Sinclair tried to see the lighter side, offering “Maybe you could add to your list that I’m Lancaster City Council Cabinet Member for Communities and Social Justice, have worked in social care for 30+ years, + despair at folks who keep lists for sinister purposes? I’m also a Pisces if that helps”. Serious point made humorously. So Akehurst might not get that one.
Meanwhile, Rupert Higham was concerned. “Well, that’s not a remotely sinister thing to say”, while one Labour councillor in the West Midlands reminded Akehurst “As a Labour Cllr do you realise how often I consider that my personal safety may be at risk? Every time I go campaigning … so thanks for that Luke”. Well, quite.
One responder tried to point out that Akehurst might not have viewed someone who backs Jezza making such a reference: “A bit sinister, no? Imagine the uproar if, say, [Rachael Cousins]  had done this for councillors who don’t support Corbyn”. Got it in one. Then came the use of the S-Word: “Letting your Stalinist slip show there, Luke”.
Chris Spence also felt the need to mention The Great Purger Himself: “Readying a purge if you ever regain control? How very … Stalinist”. Another Tweeter was on the same page, asking “Are you planning on purging them on the day you regain power, Luke? Will these be first against the wall?” Corbyn’s opponents not making friends or influencing people.
... and an interesting role model?

There does seem to be an authoritarian streak emerging among those howling the loudest at Jezza: yesterday we had three of the party’s MPs effectively demanding immediate expulsion of members without recourse to due process - in a chilling echo of Theresa May’s infamous “deport first and hear appeals later” speech - and now we have Luke Akehurst suggesting a list of names may come in useful in future. Unsubtle hint.

All of which means those ranged against Corbyn will persuade none of those rank and file members who they need to get on side. Thus another pointless gesture bites the dust.
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Anonymous said...

I'm getting "Kilfoyle vibes" again......

Aka "McCarthy vibes".

Nigel Stapley said...

Lest there should have been any lingering doubt that these whiners are Continuity New Labour, let us remember that every New Labour Home/Justice Secretary was an out-and-out authoritarian; Straw, Blunkett, Reid, Clarke, Smith (Johnson never had long enough in the job to add to the long chain of illiberal legislation). One or two of the aforementioned had actually been Stalinists in their young days.

If - as Glorious The Pierrot has now claimed - there really was a culture of 'intolerance' in Labour today, then why haven't Hodge, Smeeth, Berger, Mann, Watson been kicked out of the party...and without due process too, as they think fit for those they deem to be 'unsound'?

Jonathan said...

Oh Luke, we know it's likely that you or one of your team are scouring New Left Media for 'reds under the bed'.

I saw first hand the dirty dealings of the Labour Right, via election rigging, scapegoating members for the defeat of Labour candidate, whose idiotic support for the Iraq war meant many members didn't feel comfortable canvassing to our Muslim brothers and sisters in Rochdale. Then the Danczuks purging members on false charges just because they disagree with you.

Would Luke, like to comment on the paranoia of Tony Blair and his supporters, who had safe lists of candidates and blacklists of lefties to never ever let near standing for Parliament.

Akehurst may decry the left's return to ascendancy within the entire Labour Party, but that has been achieved via the ballot box, open contests and non bullying of candidates with differing views to the leadership.

Gloria Del Piero, was always a Blair protégé, not one to ever support Socialism or the radical overhaul of our economy, for her to claim intolerance is prevelant within the frontbench is complete bollocks, its highly likely she read the runes and realised her CLP was likely to deselect her and a more supportive leftwing candidate would take over.

If Luke wants to take over from Kilfoyle and act as a Witchfinder General for the increasingly Machiavellian & Govesque Tom Watson.

Anonymous said...


Labour MP Gloria de Piero has attacked the ‘mainstream’ media for its misrepresentation of the reasons for her decision to step down from Labour’s front bench and not to stand at the next general election.

From here. https://skwawkbox.org/2019/07/20/mp-blasts-media-for-misrepresenting-decision-to-stand-down/

nparker said...

Jonathan, she hasn't said that. She's made it quite clear that the headline about tolerance is incorrect and not why she left at all. You need to make sure not to insult her for things she hasn't actually said and has in fact denied believing. Don't let the tabloid trash take you in.

asquith said...

Akehurst supported the illegal invasion of Iraq and is so right-wing, he actually thinks David Davis isn't right-wing enough!?

As a liberal I have little time for Corbyn but it's worth remembering that the 'moderate' Blairites are as bad or worse.