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Saturday 27 July 2019

Farage Fires Up Offshore Fundraising

It was one of those lines that defined the razor-sharp Ernest Lehman script: “that plane’s dusting crops where there ain’t no crops” came just before the scene from the Hitchcock thriller North by Northwest that everyone remembers. The plane was not a crop duster, and by the same token, a Brexit group set up in the US state of Michigan is not about Brexit. But it is about Nigel “Thirsty” Farage dabbling in anti-Semitic rabble rousing.
Squeaky remote electoral interference finger up the bum time

As iNews has reported, “Nigel Farage has teamed up with Donald Trump-supporting Americans to form a new lobbying body to push for Britain to leave the EU … A number of the President’s most avid supporters, including his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, attended a launch event for the group, World4Brexit, in New York this week”. So what is World4Brexit, and who is behind it?

Former members of the Trump election campaign, including far right architect Steve Bannon, are expected to give informal advice to Mr Farage on his fundraising initiative, which is apparently still in its ‘start up phase’ … Speaking ahead of the launch of the project at the New York Athletic Club in Manhattan, he reaffirmed that all donations made would be ‘above board and legal’”. Almost as if he’s a little defensive about such things.

What’s the motivation behind World4Brexit? “The fundraiser, he said, was an ‘antidote’ to similar projects run by pro-Remain organisations in the UK supported by billionaire Hungarian-born American George Soros”. Oh look, a Jewish bogeyman.

Worse, the Mirror has found thatFundraising documents distributed at the event are reported to have claimed philanthropist George Soros had ‘dropped tens of millions of dollars on the “remain” side of this issue..[so] there is no reason we shouldn’t be able to support the effort to fulfil the peoples’ vote.’” How much exaggeration is that?
George Soros - wheeled out to frighten the punters. Again

This is untrue. Soros’ funding for anti-Brexit causes in the UK are a matter of public record, and have amounted to £800,000 in total to campaign group Best for Britain … World for Brexit’s website includes three articles attacking both Best for Britain and Soros”.

But the bigotry should surprise no-one, given Bannon’s presence, and his connections (like Stephen Yaxley Lennon and pals). So what’s the group’s structure? “The group is registered as a ‘501(c)(4)’ group - a not-for-profit group which can accept donations of up to $5,000 and keep the names of donors secret”. Well, well.

The influence it may be exerting very soon was summed up in this snippet: “A disclaimer published on the group’s website says the group has been set up to ‘operate exclusively for the promotion of civic action and social welfare by promoting the awareness of the impact of the departure of United Kingdom from European Union.’

Of course it is. And therefore nothing to do with offshoring future electoral interference, or indeed being able to harvest data and use it to target wavering voters well away from any chance of being bounced by the Electoral Commission. Or the Information Commissioner’s Office, which is investigating the Tories over unsolicited emails.

Mr Thirsty and his pals are one step ahead of the Tories - and out of the reach of UK authorities. Fuelled by more dark money and incentivised by gratuitous anti-Semitism.
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Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter one whit if Soros is Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Pagan or a Cargo Cult Islander.

What does matter is that he accumulated billions of wealth through nothing more than currency manipulation. His financial activities had nothing to do with honest hard work or genuine social value. In short he's just another spiv with unaccountable political power. Hardly a worthy example of democracy.

Of course none of this changes the fact that Farage and his acolytes are a mob of paranoid racist gimps.

Who are the thought police? said...

… and the Nigel Farage Party (version 2.0) will boast to supporters that they are 'beating the system'. You know; THEM and THE SYSTEM.

Alan said...

I'm inclined to agree with the anonymous comment.

I think that it is extremely dangerous for any socialist or social democrat to accept that because George Soros is a (nominal) Jew, any criticism of him, or even reference to him, is antisemitic.

He is a capitalist who has probably never done an honest day's work in his life, but has profited hugely by betting against the value of currencies.

Anonymous said...

Goddard "facts don't work" Gunster set up World4Brexit.

Simon Gee said...

Is Garage and his friends 'ahead of the Tories'? Isn't this all part and continuation of the right-wing coup that's been going on for years. All led by Mercer, Kochs, etc. Creating structures and societies whereby they can keep and increase their wealth and enforce their will on everyone else. In the UK it's endorsed and used by Odey and Mogg to enrich themselves. Let's not be fooled by any of this.

nparker said...

"I don't care if he's Jewish!" is literally what they all say Anonymous. Farage and his little shits attacking George Soros is always done full of anti-Semitism. "I don't care if he's Jewish" is what they all say. It's the standard bullshit defence.