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Tuesday 16 July 2019

Peterborough By-Election Cheat Claims DISMISSED

After Labour held off a challenge from Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, Richard “Smiler” Tice, and the rest of the Brexit Party, to win the recent by-election for the Peterborough constituency, there were dark mutterings about fraud. With their usual subtlety, Brexit Party spokespersons nudged and winked, letting it be known that the Rotten Lefties™ had been “harvesting” postal votes from all those Scary Muslims™.
Squeaky You Lost Get Over It finger up the bum time

This was, sad to say, the usual bigoted drivel. Sure enough, last month the BBC reported thatNo offences took place with three of the five allegations of malpractice at a by-election in Peterborough earlier this month, a police inquiry has found … Police said no offences were revealed with one allegation of bribery and two relating to postal votes”.

There was, though, hope for Nige and his pals: “An allegation of breach of the privacy of the vote and one of the burning of ballots were still being investigated … A Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said: ‘I can confirm police received several reports of electoral fraud following the Peterborough by-election. Of the five allegations reported, two incidents are currently being investigated to establish if any offences have been committed’”.

And then Farage decided he was going to take the whole matter to court, as the Murdoch Sun gleefully told: “NIGEL Farage has launched a legal bid to try and overturn the result of the Peterborough by-election amid claims that Labour cheated to win it. The Brexit Party will lodge a petition to challenge the result, with claims that a ‘convicted electoral fraudster’ could have acted as an agent for the Labour Party, and that postal votes could have been rigged”. Except that he didn’t, and they weren’t.

We know this as the Peterborough Telegraph told readers yesterdayFinal electoral fraud investigation into Peterborough by-election ends as police find no offences committed … Officers had previously declared that no offences were committed in relation to one allegation of bribery, two relating to postal votes and one relating to the burning of ballots … Now, the same conclusion has been reached into the final allegation, a breach of the privacy of the vote”. So that’s no cheating, and no fraud, then.
Mr Thirsty is saying nothing today - what a surprise - which stands in contrast to his moaning to Mail Online after the resultI think there is something inherently wrong with the entire postal voting process in this country. I think it's open to corruption, bribery intimidation, abuse. We've seen so many cases now where again and again we find - particularly in the inner cities - postal voting is producing the wrong results”.

Meaning his candidate lost. And the Tories were no better: “Tory councillor Wayne Fitzgerald told the Peterborough Telegraph: ‘I have grave concerns over postal vote harvesting within certain sections of the community, particularly focused on the urban city wards of Park, Central, North and East. We know it goes on with reports of it happening in Asian communities with people coerced"'. Yeah, it's the Scary Muslims™again.

But nothing today. Most significantly, no sign of anyone on the losing side admitting they were being openly racist in an effort to smear Labour. No admission that this whole exercise has been a huge outpouring of sour grapes from the Farage Falange Fringe.

Perhaps Nige should listen to his own advice more often: You lost, get over it.
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Anonymous said...

When Falange says "There's something wrong" it generally means he's just had his arse handed to him on a plate.

Anonymous said...

No offences committed maybe, but if you think it is morally right for Labour to win elections by abusing the postal voting by harvesting votes from the Muslim community then you had better think again. Women are in the forefront of this abuse, having no say in what happens to their voting paper. Islam has a different idea of morality, anything that benefits you and furthers the progress of Islam is justified. This is why restrictions should be placed on postal voting. In one local council ward with a large majority Pakistani population turnout was twice that of anywhere else in the town purely through postal voting, yet,in this ward consisting of old back-to-back housing, no one was even a quarter of a mile from a polling station! The incumbent Labour Pakistani councillor was returned by a huge majority even though his main opponent was Pakistani. It was looked at and of course all was in order. But this is the future of British politics, if you happy with the way "scary Muslims" conduct elections then fine, but I don't see this has people being allowed a free and secret vote.

Labour no longer represents the white working class but just wait until the majority of it's members are elected this way, see what they do when they are in charge!

nparker said...

"Producing the wrong results" says it all. He just can't accept election results that don't favour him can he? Oh, but he can accept illegal referendums can't he!

He'd rather have good ol' Republican style voter suppression of non white people.

Anonymous said...

'No admission that this whole exercise has been a huge outpouring of sour grapes from the Farage Falange Fringe.'

An alternative explanation might be that making the allegations *was the point* - Farage's hoping no-one's going to pay attention when it turns out they were bogus.

nparker said...

Anonymous 17:40

You are a pathetic fuckwit. The 'white working class' is not a thing. That is not a demographic. 'Working class' is. The 'white working class' does not exist and Labour has never, and will never, pander to a made up demographic.

Let's go through this slowly, so even a racist wanker like you can understand:
Voting while Muslim is not illegal.
Muslims being able to vote for the candidates they want is not scary. It is not bad. No one but worthless cretins thinks that.
By 'harvesting votes' you mean 'convincing people to vote for them'. That's what parties do in an election. Perhaps you don't understand what an 'election' is. That's your problem.
You are babbling about made up nonsense.

Repeat after me:
Voting while Muslim is not illegal or immoral.
Voting while living in a back to back is not illegal or immoral.
Voting for Labour is not illegal or immoral.

Repeat these three things and then get your sorry racist, yellow keister away from every decent person.

Your rant is the fears of a racist loosing the plot. No one else can tell what exactly you find so terrifying, because your comment is just the ranting of a dumb racist weirdo.

Labour won.

Anonymous said...

Voting for someone else is illegal, that is what postal voting allows. Go into these communities and see how they are socially structured, see how people are "convinced", see what say women have to do something different. I know a muslim family that moved well away just to be free to join the wider community, their sin was to help at a food bank based in a church! I am a concerned Labour Party member and what's with the language? Shows you to be disrespectful and prejudiced therefore, using your woke rules, invalidates anything you say!

If this is the sort of language Mr Fenton allows, it also reflects badly on him and drags his blog down into the Guardian's gutter!

In 2004 The Times uncovered intimidation and postal voting fraud in local elections around the country. Ten months later, ruling on the scandal in Birmingham, Richard Mawrey, QC, presiding over an election court, found six Labour councillors guilty of corruption that would, he said, “disgrace a banana republic”. He declared that the Government's introduction of postal voting on demand was “an open invitation to fraud”. Yet the Government was reluctant to act. The reforms that it eventually made, after the 2005 general election, have now been shown to be utterly inadequate, Prescott's postal voting was meant to bring in the Labour vote, but surely they should have seen the consequences to Labour and our democracy. Like I said, if this is the way you want Labour to win fine, but don't start bleating when it rebounds on you.

Gonzoland said...

Anon 10:36
You say that you're a Labour Party member. If that is the case, read this extract from the Labour Party rule book: -
Chapter 2 Membership rules
Clause I. Conditions of membership
8. No member of the Party shall engage in conduct which in the opinion of the NEC is prejudicial, or in any act which in the opinion of the NEC is grossly detrimental to the Party. The NEC shall take account of any codes of conduct currently in force and shall regard any incident which in their view might reasonably be seen to demonstrate hostility or prejudice based on age; disability; gender reassignment or identity; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; or sexual orientation as conduct prejudicial to the Party: these shall include but not be limited to incidents involving racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia or otherwise racist language, sentiments, stereotypes or actions, sexual harassment, bullying or any form of intimidation towards another person on the basis of a protected characteristic as determined by the NEC, wherever it occurs, as conduct prejudicial to the Party.

Anonymous said...

Correct, that is why so many Asians have been excluded from Labour.

I have given examples, but has these disprove the bloggers belief that everything is above board in respect of Muslims political practices, he has seen fit not to put up my post!

Gonzoland said...

Anon 01:48
You should write, giving your full name and Labour Party membership number, to the Labour Party Head Office and include copies of all of your posts to this blog.