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Thursday 4 July 2019

Jewish Chronicle Slams Katie Hopkins

Pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins has recently undergone a Damascene conversion away from being occasionally anti-Semitic, to restricting her racism to the anti-Black kind (as in her claims over attacks  on white farmers in South Africa), and especially Islamophobia. She loves Israel, and she is a friend to Jews. But her act is not convincing everyone, as opposition to her new documentary Homelands has shown.
Viewers may still want to look away now

As Zelo Street regulars will recall, three venues in Israel declined to host a screening of the film, and indeed the Board of Deputies of British Jews passed highly adverse comment upon her efforts. But last night she and her co-conspirator, former UKIP MEP Janice “Ting Tong” Atkinson, got their propaganda screened at the Pillar Hotel in Hendon.

The Jewish Chronicle was there. And Ben Weich, who reported for the JC, was clearly sceptical at many of the claims made. Also present were “Ambrosine Shitrit and Sharon Klaff, known to many in the community as two of its most fervent pro-Israel activists”. There’s some restraint in that statement: they’re two hothead provocateurs.

As Weich points out, the fantasy meter was turned to the Max: “The film itself opened with sepia-toned wartime footage of ‘the Britain our grandparents used to know,’ with an obligatory reference to its ‘shared sense of British pride’ to which people from ‘across the British colonies’ flocked to partake” Flocked to partake? They couldn’t wait to get out.

On went Hatey Katie. “This melted into a sketch on Ms Hopkins’s visit to Savile Town, a suburb of Dewsbury in Yorkshire, with an Asian Muslim population topping 90 per cent … The Film … finally moves to Israel, where Ms Hopkins expresses envy for Jews because ‘Brits don’t have an Israel’ to flee Europe to”. Then comes Weich’s verdict.
Though the documentary was laughable as a piece of propaganda, the febrile atmosphere during the Q&A session was no joke … For about an hour, members of the approximately 100-strong audience – mostly but not exclusively Jewish – took turns to declare themselves such things as ‘devout Islamophobes’ and adherents of the ultra-nationalist doctrine of Rabbi Meir Kahane”. Meir Kahane. A convicted terrorist.

And who else was present? “Also there was Ros Pine, who was suspended last year from the Board of Deputies for six years for describing Muslims as ‘the vilest of animals’. She bragged about her record-breaking sanction … Anne-Marie Waters, the founder of anti-Islam political party For Britain, was on a list of attendees read out before the film”.

But of the ordinary people attending, no-one wanted to give their name. “After the screening, Jewish attendees batted away suggestions that the documentary was Islamophobic, universally insisting on the distinction between ‘racism and the truth’. Tellingly, none wanted their names to appear in print”.

Weich concluded “Jewish flirtation with the far right and extreme nationalism - less than a century removed from the Holocaust - is nauseating and ironic in equal measure”.

Katie Hopkins is playing to extremists. wherever she goes. Well called out by the JC.
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Anonymous said...

The woman clearly needs counselling or medication, or both.

Tragic to see how twisted some people become.

I wonder what she thinks she sees when she looks in a mirror.

Unknown said...


"The woman clearly needs counselling or medication, or both"

Nope. To quote the great Bron form Game of Thrones "There's no cure for being a cunt"

#Sorry for the language Tim but some people just deserve the word.

Anonymous said...

@ 20:50.

Well, I was trying to be diplomatic.

Which I would not have been had I said she is "A fucking raving mad neoNazi twat in search of the Fourth Reich."

Or indeed, more concisely, "a cunt".

Both of the above alternatives are of course correct.