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Tuesday 9 July 2019

Tommy Robinson’s Paranoia Overload

As the time for his sentencing draws near, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, becomes ever more fearful, ever more nervous, ever more paranoid. The level of his paranoia has been laid bare in a video released by wacko conspiracist Alex Jones of InfoWars, where Lennon suggests that the deep state is about to do away with him. The thought is a tempting one. But it does not correspond to reality.
The reasons for the upholding of claims of Contempt of Court against Lennon - the judgment was announced last Friday, and the detail can be see HERE - are clear, and to anyone studying the trial and its genesis, easily understood. Lennon’s cavalier disregard for a reporting restriction could easily have collapsed the trial of 29 defendants who were accused of a variety of sexual offences. They could have all walked free.

For fans of someone like Lennon, who claims to be “exposing” such behaviour, this should demonstrate once and for all that The Great Man’s true motivation is not as he claims, but merely the promotion of Himself Personally Now. And that’s what his video address to InfoWars watchers is: essentially, he is pleading to be allowed to carry on intimidating, threatening, bullying, harassing and doxxing others. So what’s his pitch?

I feel like I’m two days away from being sentenced to death in the UK, for journalism [what journalism?]. My name is Tommy Robinson [no it isn’t]. Today I am calling on the help of Donald Trump, his administration, and the Republican Party, to grant me and my family political asylum in the United States of America”. He then rambles tediously about what happened after he flagrantly broke that reporting restriction in Leeds.

But then the paranoia is ramped up to the Max: “The whole reason for all of this is a cover-up. The whole reason is not wanting the public to realise … the amount of secret trials of Muslim rape gangs in every single town and city’s court, across the entire width of this country. The public would then realise just how many of these cases there are. Every single one of these cases is now given a reporting restriction”. Ho yus.

He broke the law persistently. He knows the penalty for persistent lawbreaking. He broke the law at Canterbury Crown Court. The suspended sentence he received then had not expired when he rocked up in Leeds and broke that reporting restriction. So the suspended sentence was activated. He has now been shown to have broken the law on three more counts. So this sentence won’t be suspended. Simples.
No-one is treating him unfairly, or indeed exceptionally. He is an habitual criminal; he is therefore being treated like one. He won’t get any response from The Donald. He’s barred from entering the USA. After this conviction, he’ll be even more barred. Still, the unintentional hilarity of the InfoWars video is mildly entertaining.

Any more paranoia? You bet. “I know that when I was taken and kidnapped off the street and unlawfully held, which has been proven, I know that Congressmen from the Republican Party stepped in. I know that pressure was put on the British Government [it wasn’t]. I’m telling you now, it’s not pressure that’s needed, I need evacuation”.

Well, perhaps he ought to eat a bit more All-Bran, then. Because the only evacuation Stephen Lennon needs is the kind that stops him being full of shit. Full stop, end of story.
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Jeff Pickthall said...

Evacuation? Well it does sound like he’s shitting himself.

Anonymous said...

"Tommy's" arse is beginning to twitch. Violently.

Might as well get in some practice......

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised if he did end up there.