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Wednesday 17 July 2019

Brexit Party MEP Cambridge Analytica LIES

Being open and honest with others is proving challenging for some Brexit Party MEPs: we already know that Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage cannot be trusted any further than he can be usefully chucked; now added to the roll of shame is one Alexandra Phillips, who was elected as an MEP for South East England last May.
Alexandra Phillips - Farage pal

Ms Phillips, who has been part of UKIP, the Tories, and finally the Brexit Party, is, shall we say, reported to be very close to Farage. If only she were as close to the truth: when challenged about her previous employment by now-defunct Cambridge Analytica, she not only vehemently denied working for them, but threatened libel action if anyone said so.

In an interview with Channel 4 News, she asserted “I didn’t work for them … at all. That’s libellous, you can’t put this online, my friend. If you use this online, it’s going to be very difficult, OK? Please don’t pursue that, because there’s going to be a lot of things that might be happening over the next few weeks, months, which is going to make things very difficult … I’m being serious”. Was she telling her questioner what she could ask?

No I’m not, course I’m not telling you … look … I’ve never been employed by Cambridge Analytica in my life. I was working in Kenya during the election campaign time. I worked alongside various people and various organisations during election time. Everything I was doing was in the interests of promoting peace, security and stability in that country … I love Kenya”. She was assured, confident, and insistent.

But Ms Phillips was being seriously economical with the actualité, and Channel 4 soon unearthed proof that her pants were well and truly alight. They had audio of her telling “So now I’m able to talk, but whilst I’m under contract with Cambridge Analytica, if they had found I’d spoken to a journalist about them, then [unintelligible] do you know what I mean, non disclosure agreements, all the rest of it”.
Worse, as for the promotion of peace, as Zelo Street has previously told, “the 2017 Presidential Election [the one Ms Phillips was involved in] was later declared invalid by the country’s Supreme Court”. And Privacy International had something to say about her.

Alexandra Phillips … was employed by Cambridge Analytica to brief media on behalf of [Uhuru] Kenyatta, in a document seen by Privacy International. Phillips denied working for [the] Jubilee [Party of Kenya], even after publishing photos on Instagram of her with the Jubilee team. Nevertheless, an employee at Cambridge Analytica speaking to Privacy International confirmed that Phillips had worked for the company”.

So she’d lied back then, too. PI concluded “The fact of these investigations does not inspire confidence that Cambridge Analytica behaved ethically in its collection and use of Kenyans’ personal data to benefit their Presidential client”. Worse, as the Guardian later told, “So far this year, 44 people have died in election-related violence since the August poll”. As Winshton might have said, some promotion … some peace.

Alexandra Phillips has been caught bang to rights repeatedly lying about her past. What is it about those close to Nigel Farage? The Brexit Party and honesty do not sit well together.

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Jeff Pickthall said...

That’s authoritarians for you.

Rob Smith said...

If you're promoting peace, security and stability why do you need a non-disclosure agreement ?

Arnold said...

With the possible exception of the security services what other employer expects such a NDA from their employees?

Anonymous said...

An appalling, lying hypocrite of the worst type.

And who are the promoters and fellow travellers behind HER?

I smell The Friends......