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Friday 5 July 2019

Boris Security Story PLANTED BY HIMSELF

With Tory Party members receiving their ballot papers this week ready for them to vote in the leadership election which will decide Theresa May’s successor as Prime Minister, the competition between Jeremy Hunt (the former Culture Secretary) and London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to plant dubiously sourced copy in the press has been intense. And it looks like the Bozza team is winning.
Now pay attention 007

The latest story all too obviously designed to get the Tory faithful voting for Bozza, complete with anonymous sources, snappy quotes and plausible denials all round, was punted last night by the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, one of the titles shamelessly promoting the clown who can’t keep his trap shut, or indeed his trousers zipped up.

Under the by-line of non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn is the headlineSpy chiefs kept secrets from Boris Johnson when he was Foreign Secretary over fears he couldn’t be trusted”. And what is the source for this steaming pile of bullpucky? “SECURITY chiefs kept top secrets from Boris Johnson when he was Foreign Secretary over fears he couldn’t be trusted, The Sun has been told”. The Sun has been told, eh?

There is more: “The order to cut him out came directly from PM Theresa May, The Sun has also been told”. Also been told. Do go on. “One very well placed source told The Sun: ‘The PM didn’t think Boris could be trusted because he had a loose tongue. He made the agencies anxious. He wasn’t told everything because of that”. So very well placed, it was placed there by the Bozza campaign. Any more claims? Ho yus.

In the first instance of indiscretion alleged to The Sun that angered Mrs May”. So that’s an anonymous single source, then. Proper journalism - not. And here comes another: “The second gaffe is claimed to have come during a Cabinet meeting in No10”. And another: “Very few Cabinet ministers had the security clearance to hear the material, and it lead to a personal dressing down for Boris by Mrs May, The Sun has also been told”.
An absolute Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

Perfect planting - especially when “Downing Street as well as the Cabinet Office also both refused to deny that Boris was excluded from some key meetings intentionally when contacted by The Sun. A Government spokesman said: ‘We do not comment on intelligence matters.’” All deniable. All easily planted. And all blindingly obvious.

It’s so obviously been pitched to the Murdoch goons in order to raise Bozza’s profile and elicit sympathy from Tory members. So someone at the BBC should have stopped and thought before claimingDowning Street attempted to withhold sensitive intelligence from Boris Johnson when he became foreign secretary, the BBC has learned”. Yeah, right. Learned from reading the Sun website and a couple of pre-briefed partisan pundits.

Which means the Beeb can say with a straight face “Number 10 did not want Mr Johnson to be shown a category of sensitive secret intelligence after he was appointed in July 2016, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of events, none of whom is involved in the leadership campaign or politics”. The Telegraph as well as the Sun, eh?

Bozza’s campaign has managed to not only get its propaganda out there, it’s got the BBC to swallow it whole. Come on media people - must try harder.
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Anonymous said...

May I point out that the famous building pictured is in the shape of a double eagle?

Anonymous said...

"...elicit sympathy from tory members..."

Not difficult, that.

Most of them are thick-as-pighshit gnome counties gammons. Like Johnson.

Anonymous said...

@ 13:06.

Ah, yes......But which one?

Do tell. There are so many.

Anonymous said...

There not there it is a blind, they are actually ensconced at what used to be platform 13 at Crewe Station.

Crewe station has recently been equipped with a "Calm Room" for those panicking snowflakes who wanted to go to Birmingham but now want to get back to London as quickly as they can.

Unknown said...

Funny kind of pro Boris propaganda when it says Boris is a dick who can't be trusted.