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Tuesday 16 July 2019

Fawkes Pidcock Lies BUSTED

After the attacks on Labour MP Laura Pidcock yesterday by some of her Labour Party colleagues who should know better, but like vicious creep Wes Streeting do not, there had to be a similarly unsubtle intervention from the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog. And so it came to pass, with replacement teaboy Tom Harwood in his usual mode, which means talking well, but lying badly.
Under the headline “Pidcock Tries To Weasel Out Of Latest Anti-Semitism Row”, and odd sub-heading “Pidcocks Up Response To Anti-Semitism Question Criticism” (not sure about the grammar there), readers still awake are told “Laura Pidcock last night launched into a tirade against Twitter users, including some of her fellow Labour MPs, who were critical of the fact that her adviser was caught calling telling journalists that it was ‘really unfair’ for them to be asking questions on Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis. How dare they ask a Labour shadow minister to comment on the biggest story surrounding her party?"
There was more in the same vein: “Instead of addressing the issue, her explanation tries to sneakily move the goalposts, accusing Labour MPs of Retweeting the footage to ‘suggest that I had avoided these questions’. That was never the issue, nobody claimed she refused to answer, the issue was the hostility towards the media over the issue”.

Do go on. “Now Wes Streeting and Phil Wilson have both called Pidcock out for trying to weasel out of it like this, making clear that they weren’t accusing her of not answering the questions but that they disagreed with the way she answered them”. Ri-i-i-ight.
One, the claim "the issue was the hostility to the media" is not made by either of the responses the Fawkes massive quotes, from Streeting or Wilson. The latter says "it doesn't go far enough", which is meaningless soundbite that conveniently does not require its author to say what he is talking about.
And Two, the idea that Ms Pidcock is “Trying to weasel out”, or indeed that she is “trying sneakily to move the goalposts”, is a pack of lies. We know this as documentary filmmaker Ian McDonald has confirmed “I filmed the whole interview that @LauraPidcockMP did with SKY and the BBC. This clip has the end of the BBC interview and the whole of the SKY interview and all the discussions in between. As you will see, it confirms Laura's account”.
You can see the clip HERE. And, to Phil Wilson, I have to say that Ms Pidcock addresses the allegations of anti-Semitism head-on, giving a full answer to the questions put to her - so what, in that answer, “doesn’t go far enough”? Quit being sniffy and sneery - say what disappoints you and address it to Ms Pidcock directly - and privately.
If anyone is trying to “weasel out” here, it is Streeting and Wilson, both of whom appear not to have seen the full clip before sounding off, and as a result seem to be inventing shortcomings in Ms Pidcock’s performance in order to cover their backsides.

As for The Great Guido, this is yet another occasion where they have gone after a young, female Labour MP for kicks. I’m sure that this, like Lyndon Johnson’s speech on economics, gives them a warm feeling - but no-one else seems to notice. HINT.
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Anonymous said...

Why is that fool allowed to keep on attacking people or lying from his Shamrock Cafe?