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Thursday 11 July 2019

What’s Eating Richard Tice?

There could never again be a national humiliation to rival Suez: Great Britain, as well as France and Israel, effectively told to cease their military action against Egypt because outgoing US President Dwight Eisenhower did not want the event interfering with his campaign for re-election. The fact that the Suez campaign was based on deception of Parliament by our own Prime Minister only made the humiliation worse.
Richard Tice

Sadly, there now is a national humiliation to rival Suez: our Ambassador to the USA has just been forced to resign at the behest of Combover Crybaby Donald Trump. Kim Darroch was thrown under the proverbial bus by London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the candidate most likely to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister. Bozza pretends He Didn’t Do It. Many Rice-Davies Applies.
Kim Darroch - treated shamefully

As the Guardian report put it, “There is now shock and contempt across the Foreign Office and in parliament, not just towards the leaker and Trump but also towards Johnson. Whatever sanctimonious expressions of regret Johnson mouths and however much he blames the leaker, the Foreign Office knows he effectively sacked Darroch, believing he was carrying out the orders of Donald Trump”. Worse than Suez? Could be.
But despite the national humiliation, there are those out there who really, really do not want those investigating the leak of confidential cables from Darroch to the FO to find out Who Done It. Someone knows how the contents of those cables ended up with mercenary hack Isabel Oakeshott, and it might have been thought that, no matter what their political stripe, anyone and everyone would be in favour of the leaker being brought to book.
Not Richard Tice. The perma-smiling Brexit Party MEP has suddenly come over all coy at the idea or playing Hunt The Mole. Allie Renison of the IoD - not exactly a bastion of softy leftism - noticed it: “Found it odd that @TiceRichard was so keen to dispel the idea of interest in the source of the leak was on #Newsnight. Didn't even seem to think it warranted an inquiry, much less get the police involved (Foreign Office Under-Sec publicly confirmed today they were)”. Finance pundit Frances Coppola noticed it too.
An absolute Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

Richard Tice really, really doesn't want there to be any focus on who leaked Kim Darroch's comments”. Tice himself actually believes that the Ambassador has something to do with trade talks, showing monumental ignorance: “Darroch has finally made the right decision. The Tory Govt look ridiculous for having tried to defend the indefensible. Now it’s time for a pro Brexit businessman to be appointed who can lead a quick US trade deal”.
He really said that. And he said it again: “Theresa May must not appoint new US Ambassador. Vital done by new PM as reset relations with White House. Should be pro Brexit businessperson who can accelerate free trade talks that Darroch had been lamentable at”. He knows next to Sweet Fanny Adams about what Ambassadors do. He wants to stick his bugle where it doesn’t belong. But he doesn’t want the leaker found.
Think about that. Richard Tice has no problem with Britain being humiliated, being shown to have no power, no clout with its supposed greatest ally. He has no problem with our not taking back control at all, becoming pathetically subservient to a foreign power.

But he does have a problem with a criminal investigation. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

Nothing new in any of this.

Whatever any ambassador says, the Brit establishment has had its nose firmly wedged in the anal canal of the Yank establishment since said Suez conspiracy. The worst overt example was (who else?) Blair's cringeworthy sucking up in his "address" to Congress. Even at this distance in time it's enough to make your toes curl.

The only Brit PM to stand up to the Yank loonies was Harold Wilson in his refusal to get drawn into the Vietnam War. For which he was subject to years of orchestrated smears (the worst of which was Amis in Private Eye), plus treason within the "intelligence" services (see Spycatcher by Peter Wright).

That's the REAL national humiliation. By comparison, the Darroch episode is a fart in a bottle.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Ok, Anon. Thanks for the historical perspective. That's ok then.
Obviously nothing current compares with past humiliations so let's all stop worrying about things.

I'm off to play my old Stones records.

Unknown said...

Poor Fanny Adam's, didn't she suffer enough without dragging her name into this shit show. 😉

Gonzoland said...

Should have gone to Specsavers. It's Fanny Owens (FO) and Many* Rice-Davies.
* Many in the witness box.

Anonymous said...

Everything will work out fine.

Just keep watching East Enders, Coronation Street, Love Island and Emmerdale and paying attention to the sports results.

Believe everything you see and hear from the BBC, ITN, C4 and Sky.

Learn to love Big Brother. Swallow the Soma like a good consumer.

Soon, Darroch, Trump, Johnson, May and Hunt will never have existed. 2008 will have been a wonderful year.

Yes, there's enough mugs to repeat that everything's just fine. Especially in "the special relationship".