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Tuesday 2 July 2019

Brexit Party’s Ode To Nazism

Supporters of the Brexit Party, and in particular fans of Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, can be terribly sensitive when their far-right orientation is pointed out. No, they respond, they are merely popular and populist. They aren’t really racist, honest, and they have no connection to anything even remotely resembling neo-Nazis.
Squeaky far right confirmation finger up the bum time

There was, though, as Captain Blackadder might have observed, only one thing with this idea - it was bollocks. From Farage’s palling up to Marine le Pen and the German AfD, to the infamous “Breaking Point” poster, to his being “concerned” about people speaking in languages other then English, the dog-whistling is all too obvious.
As the BBC has reported, “The European Parliament has re-opened in Strasbourg with an anti-EU protest by the UK's Brexit Party and a demonstration by Catalan nationalists whose MEPs are barred”. And what did the happy Brexiteers do to protest?
You'll have to speak up, I'm a bit Mutt and Jeff

As outgoing speaker Antonio Tajani convened the new session, MEPs rose for the EU's anthem, Beethoven's Ode to Joy, accompanied by a saxophone quartet. But not everyone stood, and anti-EU MEPs from the UK's Brexit Party turned their backs on the rendition”. How very infantile of them. But worse was to come.
After James Mates of ITV posted a photo of Nige and his pals making their pointless gesture, Glyn Arthur discovered an ominous comparison: “Here are Nazi party members at the Berlin Reichstag doing exactly the same thing, in exactly the same way, for exactly the same reasons”. And Chris Penney pointed out that “This is also a comparison between 1930s Germany & the other night [in the] UK”. That was Farage’s recent rally.
Perhaps the Brexit Party MEPs are going to have a walkout as their next stunt, which is another tactic the Nazis used during the late 20s and early 30s before Hitler got his feet under the table and did away with all that democracy nonsense.
We know that Farage approved the stunt, as he later Tweeted “The Brexit Party has already made its presence felt”. But not by engaging in the democratic process and participating in the EP’s debates, of course. Just like the Nazis. James Felton was one of many not to be impressed: “A toddler, after shitting the bed on purpose”.
Even worse for Farage is that, were he actually wanting to avoid the far-right comparison, there is a much more recent example of back-turning being linked to neo-Nazis: when Sadiq Khan won the 2016 London Mayoral election, as he made his speech, one candidate turned his back on the new Mayor. His name was Paul Golding.
Golding was representing Britain First, the group whose adherent Thomas Mair would later assassinate Labour MP Jo Cox outside her constituency surgery. That is the level to which the Brexit Party sank this morning. The level of actual Nazism.

Our country is being represented by a bunch of workshy neo-Nazis. And there are some voters who approve of this behaviour. Politics has become worse than a sick joke.
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Anonymous said...

It isn't "a joke" of any kind, Tim. We are way beyond that and have been for years.

History records the Nazis and Hitler too as "a joke" gang in their early years. We all know now what their punch line was.

People like Farage and his fellow travellers are a morally corrupt evil seed bed.

At this rate it's only a matter of time before the tories (of course), weak-kneed LibDems and quisling right wing "Labour" MPs join the miserable stream of inhumanity in the name of "pragmatic politics". Three quarters of a century hasn't evolved out political cowardice and tenth rate chancers. We could easily experience a different version of the dying days of the Weimar Republic.

This time round won't see rows of marching marionettes in comic opera uniforms while making outdated salutes. That will be reserved for mass murdering small or dissident nations before stealing or controlling their natural assets.

If you want to see the immediate future keep monitoring corporate media and its infestation of moral cowards, jobsworths and yesmen and women, all of it stinking of lies and corruption. Long term, unchallenged, this will become Orwell's "jackboot forever stamping on the human face". Blaming the victim is merely an advance symptom.

How sad. How shameful. And, ultimately, how tragic for everyone.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Still, only 3 days to the weekend, Anon......

Anonymous said...

I assume their deeply principled stance against the EU will extend to refusing their salaries, expenses and pensions?

iMatt said...

So a party led by a man who hates to be called a racist instructs his party to perform the same gesture made by a notoriously racist party. Okay then.