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Tuesday 30 July 2019

Meghan - Dan Wootton’s Racist Revenge

Obscenely overrated Sun hack Dan Wootton, an appallingly immodest creep with much to be modest about, has today thrown his rattle out of the pram in no style at all at the news that the Duchess of Sussex has guest edited an issue of British Vogue magazine. His mardy strop throwing is for two reasons: one, straightforward racist bigotry, and two, that Wootton has just been shown up for making yet another wrong Royal call.
Bizarre how they still employ the SOB

In other words, his article in today’s Sun - “Meghan is desperate to be treated like a royal while acting like an entitled celeb - she can’t have it both ways”, following on from his outburst on yesterday’s edition of Lorraine - is in part not really about Meghan. It’s about the Sun’sExecutive Editor” pretending to be relevant, when the Royals show he isn’t.
The Duchess of Sussex ...

He devalues his attack at the start: “VOGUE magazine epitomises the rich and elite in this country … With ridiculously expensive clothes, unrealistically skinny models and painfully self-obsessed A-listers saying nothing very interesting, it’s about as inaccessible to hard- working Brits as you can possibly get”. So why devote so many column inches to it?
... and THAT Vogue cover

But do go on. “So how ironic that this bible of privilege is where Meghan has decided to launch her woke manifesto that might, if certain members of the Royal Family are to be believed, one day form the basis of a platform for a future political career”. Now he’s making it up. Certain members of the Royal family don’t talk to Wootton.
Don't they, Dan?

And as for that cover, “Her choice of 15 ‘change makers’ does not include one who might be considered even mildly right-wing … That might please the blithering idiots on Twitter but it undermines the idea that our royals should keep their political opinions private”. Wootton gets a hard time on Twitter. So he doesn’t like Twitter, either.
Looks like they do ...

There is more in the same vein, just as there is more from the Daily Mail’s appallingly overrated Sarah Vine (aka Mrs Michael “Oiky” Gove), who sneers at the woman she patronisingly insists on calling “Meghan Markle”, as if to say she’s not really Royal. Ms Vine skates all around the direct racism, but readers will get the hint.
... yep, they certainly do ...

But what sparked the Wootton outburst - which has been the driver for Ms Vine’s nasty snark as well - is that just three weeks ago he told Sun readers “THE Duchess of Sussex will not become a magazine columnist, sources close to her insist … she turned down the opportunity, despite offers from both the US and UK version of [Vogue]”.
So what's Dan's problem, apart from racism?

There was more. “A royal insider said: ‘Meghan is a huge fan of Vogue and a big supporter, but writing a column in her position just wouldn’t work … She is aware of her responsibilities as a member of the royal family’”. Wrong call or what?
It's because he got caught out lying. Again

Dan Wootton got caught making up a story, and not for the first time. Except this time it wasn’t just about A N Other Sleb, but the Duchess of Sussex. So he looked even more of a fool when the Vogue guest editorship was revealed. But that could never be his fault - he had to blame someone else. So he blamed the Duchess.

Meghan is oh-so-desperate to be treated like a royal” he sneers. She IS a Royal. But then, that’s not what you meant, eh Dan? Nothing like a little racist revenge.
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A Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Toffee (597) said...

Who actually gives a flying f**k?

I dislike the 'royals' as intensely as I hate the rags. Both are anathema to an ever-growing consensus. C'mon Tim - Give us something worth griping about, eh?

Anonymous said...

Plainly, institutional racism is alive and evil in Britain.

She must have been desperate to join the threepenny opera of a doomed and dysfunctional ruritanian monarchy.

If she had any sense she'd tell the lot of them to fuck off and take the next airplane to a quiet abode. Anything's better than the Von Windsor three ring circus and the clowns who support it.

Mark said...

Another thinly veiled racist moan from your super soaraway S*n!

The clue is, as you point out Tim, in the language; The Fail's Vine refuses to refer to her by her title. Wootton is pedelling this idea that she wants to be treated like a royal when, as you say, she IS. Ergo, to their tiny, bigoted minds, a woman with her ethnicity and nationality cannot be a royal

Sam said...

A.Kelly has canvassed all 60 millions plus Brits has he?. Britain's gutter media has decided that no-one likes the Duchess of Sussex because..well for no other reason than they need a Royal to hurl brickbats at. With any luck she may become another Princess Diana and they can hound her until death as well. If no-one likes her (not an iota of proof of course) why do they write about her?.
She's a ring-in, part black and not a Sloane Ranger and Prince Harry had the hide not to ask them first if he could marry her.
What petty, puke making bitches these hacks have become.

Phil Mitchell said...

@A Kelly

Some have called me the king of Albert square, I prefer ruler myself.

That said, who'd want to join that rabble? Interesting you don't think that Kate is a social climber.

She should join the Mitchells, not the Dingles

Anonymous said...

@Sam, a clue here is that A Kelly only ever rears his or her head on here when the blog post concerns someone black with power, such as Diane Abbott or the Duchess of Sussex.

A Kelly said...

Tim, either remove the post that infers I'm a racist or I shall take further action.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...


The poster/postrice has possibly correctly *inferred* you're a racist, but that's his/her prerogative and there's nothing you can do about it. Your complaint is presumably that s/he's *implied* you're one. There's nothing you can do about that either (unless of course the *further action* you propose to take is simply to fuck off).