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Monday 8 July 2019

Tommy Robinson Calls Liar On Judge

After he was found guilty of Contempt of Court last week, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, spent much of the weekend telling the world that either the court got it wrong, he didn’t do it, or both. The thought that his intervention at a particularly sensitive point in the three linked trials of 20 men accused of a variety of sexual offences might have collapsed the trial was not allowed to enter.
Moreover, he wasn’t interested in the inconvenient fact that, the Monday after his Facebook live streaming outside the Leeds courts, five defence lawyers asserted before the trial Judge that their clients could no longer hope to receive a fair trial and that the case should therefore be dismissed. No, it was, as usual, all about him. He couldn’t possibly have broken the law, and it must be the state out to get him.

So it was that he told his followersA quick point, to let people understand … the crime [laughs] it’s not a crime, it’s a civil offence. It’s not criminal. It’s a civil offence [looks like he wants everyone to know that it’s not a crime, and that it’s a civil offence] … it’s a civil offence, I’ve nearly spent three months in solitary confinement [that was at his own behest - no-one forced him into ‘solitary confinement’]”. And there was more.

And now I face two years [minus time served, so not two years]. This is the Attorney General and Government getting me through the back door [where’s Kenneth Williams when you need him?]. The Magna Carta. Common law states that you should be tried by members of your peers, the British public - 12 members of the jury. I wasn’t allowed that. I face up to two years in jail, by a Judge? That’s not a fair system, and in fact that’s not how anybody else ever …”. And off he rambled. He’s wrong.

Magna Carta does not cover Contempt of Court, and is in any case irrelevant. And what Common law may or may not state, if the law provides that Contempt cases are tried before one or more Judges, then that is how they are tried. Lennon is blustering, partly to get his fans’ hopes up so they will turn up next Thursday in London to support him.
But his pièce de résistance was yet to come. The last thing he, or anyone else in his situation needs at this point, after a guilty verdict has been delivered and before sentence has been passed, is to smear the judiciary. So guess what Lennon has just done.

The main judge in the Old Bailey LIED! My video will prove it!” he announced triumphantly. And in case you didn’t get that, the video was captioned “My video coming later will prove the most senior judge in our land as lying in court. Corrupt judicial system , corrupt media, corrupt establishment”. Yes, he really said that.

There comes a time when the best course of action is to stop pretending, keep schtum and accept that you have run out of road. But Stephen Lennon cannot get it into his head that his belief does not equal fact. He still thinks that what he did in Leeds can be explained away as “information that was already in the public domain”, despite the reality, that Contempt of Court is a strict liability offence, and he committed it.

Stephen Lennon just made the likelihood of a custodial sentence being handed down to him next Thursday even higher. Just rejoice at that news.
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Anonymous said...

He can use his time inside to check the history of Magna Carta.

The barons who forced it through (only to be double crossed later) would have been mightily pissed off to be lumped with an uppity peasant like SYL.

Not that facts or reality have ever mattered to him.

Sounds like he's starting to get sweaty nerves at the prospect of noisy, slamming doors.

Anonymous said...

@1. Not to mention the prospect of keeping all the boys on 'D' wing happy.

Anonymous said...

I hear he is now applying for political asylum in the US, the country he can't enter because he tried to sneak in with somebody elses passport as they wouldn't let him in with his own, due to his criminal history...

Anonymous said...

@anonymous at 1929

honestly I would not be at all surprised if he ended up there and they let him in

Arnold said...

Magna Carta. Did she die in vain?

Anonymous said...

We Americans would be happy to have Tommy and his family.
We're still a free country.

Arnold said...

Anonymous 03:03. So are we. Free speech doesn't mean you an shout "Fire" in a crowded theatre, or cause criminal trials to collapse,which SYL nearly did. From ignorance or on purpose?

Tether said...

Don't worry, Trump is working on the free country part.

But, no, you won't have him. You wouldn't take him before for a holiday, it's unlikely you'll have him for real.

He's not allowed to visit let alone live there said...

@Anon 03:03
'Tommy Robinson begs Donald Trump to grant him asylum in US as he faces jail sentence in the UK' - London Evening Standard 9 July 2019

Anonymous said...

"We Americans would be happy to have Tommy and his family."

We would be happy for you Americans to have Tommy, so please - feel free.
Take him!
As soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

Take him.
He's yours.

Anonymous said...

@anon 03:03

You can have him and welcome : )
I don't think he'd last very long without his muscle to back him up...

nparker said...

Anonymous 3:03

Free country? A country where you lock up babies and toddlers in concentration camps? Where you overwhelmingly jail black people for having a bit of weed but let rapists go free after six months if they can swim a bit? Where your police gun down innocent civilians constantly while they're running away? Where your supposed president tries to revoke the licences of media outlets that don't worship him where he has to be told that they don't have licences? Where reporters like Acosta are slandered and have edited video used to frame the press for things actually done to them, to censor them? You think you're a free country?


You're ridiculous. Look at you. In this country, when people break the law and nearly let paedophiles go free, you get put in jail for your dangerous crime. That's what happens in a moderately civilised country like the UK.

The majority of your country hates the guts of pathetic no marks like Stephen Yaxley Lennon. You Americans would not be happy to see the violent little thug who protects the paedos in his own organisations. Just you.

Now don't bother trying to speak back to people better than you ever again.

Anonymous said...

I think nparker said it all. Please take the career criminal USA.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:03.

Not quite true that.

The USA has the highest pro rata (and total) prison population in the Western part of the globe.

There are other deeply serious problems too. Want to hear them?

The USA: Home of the fee, land of the crave. An imperialist rogue garrison state.

Andy McDonald said...

Land of the free and home of the brave?

Not free because they pay over the odds up front for basic medical care.

And the brave are all sitting in a reservation in South Dakota.

Phil E said...

The reference to "common law" is a dogwhistle to Freeman on the Land types. (If you don't know, Google it, it's hilarious.)