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Friday 26 July 2019

Dan Hodges - Maybe It’s Heatstroke

The hot weather may have claimed a media casualty: something appears to have disrupted one alleged journalist’s ability to tell reality from paranoid conspiracy nonsense, and to no surprise at all, the alleged journalist is the Mail on Sunday’s not even slightly celebrated blues artiste Whinging Dan Hodges.
He's desperate, Dan

Desperate Dan has discovered something about what he calls Corbynites, although his evidence may be based on a sample so small that few others have picked up on it. He has decided that these so-called Corbynites are racist. After all, if the Labour leader, who has dedicated himself to anti-racism for decades, has allegedly come over all anti-Semitic, then it’s not such a logic leap to go the whole nine yards and simply shout “racist”.
Someone got up this morning, which offended poor Dan

And so he has. “There is no more racially divisive force in UK politics than Corbynism. It is more dangerous now than the NF or the BNP or the EDL”. Eh? Oh hang on, he’s not finished. “The one positive is I don't see how this political model is sustainable for much longer. They've crossed a line now, and I don't see how they pull it back”. What? It must be pretty warm in London right now. And there was more. Rather a lot more.
What's most disgusting is the coordination. The Corbynites have issued an attack order. ‘Go for the black cabinet ministers’. They are overtly targeting BAME politicians for abuse, because of their ethnicity. As ever, it begins with the Jews, but it doesn't end with the Jews”. That would depend on your anti-Semitism claims not being bogus, Dan.
Right. So you're singling out Sajid Javid for securing a senior position. Which in your view is solely based on him selling out on immigration. What's the reason for Raab's position in cabinet. Or Hancock. Gove. Wallace. Rudd”. Who’s “singling out Sajid Javid?” And what’s that got to do with any or all of the others? Who knows? And indeed, who cares?
The Corbynites attack on Javid, Patel, Cleverly, etc is built on the argument they are tokenistic appointments, and their advancement has not been secured on merit. Which is, of course, exactly the same trope also deployed by the far-right”. What attack? Oh, look out, he’s off again. “I amazed people find it a controversial view. Labour could form the next government. They're self evidently the most dangerous and significant overtly racist force in UK politics”. Was it a heavy lunch? Intense sunlight?
That Hodges reply is Peak Stupid. Seriously

One last wafer-thin Tweet? “One other important thing. The current attack isn't just being lead [sic] by Corbyn's social media outriders. This time we've got shadow ministers joining in as well”. This wasn’t doing his remaining credibility any good at all.
Hence the reaction. “The National Front have murdered people. I know Asian people who grew up in the 1970s who were too afraid to go to town for most of their childhood. Your hyperbole doesn't really help anyone and is pretty insulting to the people terrorised by far right groups [Hodges’ reply to that is in the ‘delete your account’ league] … A Britain First supporter murdered an MP but hey yeah whatever” were typical. Ross McCafferty simply replied “More racially divisive than the BNP? What are you on about”.

Dan Hodges may not be paranoid. But that doesn’t mean that someone, somewhere, may be out to get him. As in get him to correctly distinguish fantasy from reality.
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Anonymous said...

It isn't the heat, Tim.

He's merely a lying gobshite.

It's a trait shared by all far right propaganda clerks.

This latest "contribution" should be enough to get him onto one of the late night "press previews". It's all part of their tedious predictability.

Gonzoland said...

Barking, as usual.
It seems to have started when James Cleverly MP tweeted after the first dePiffle Cabinet meeting and drew attention to a Labour Party GE poster from 2017 "Only Labour can be trusted to unlock the talent of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people. For The Many Not The Few".

Sam said...

Poor Dan..what a shame those rotten lefties haven't attacked Dominic Raab for being Jewish and he might have been on a winner. And what's this "tokenism" bollox?
I have only heard people attack those he mentions for very good reasons: Patel for highly suspect actions in the past etc.
Far from being "token" MPs it's quite clear they have been specifically chosen for their extreme right wing views.
Can't that left-wing mother of his give him a good talking to?.

Mark said...

His 'outriders' comment is clearly directed at Ash Sarker. Ridiculous. She makes a very valid point, he just twists it and cries racism... so that's a BAME woman being racist to BAME politicians