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Monday 29 July 2019

Mark François - Death By Brexit

No public figure better epitomises the words attributed to the late Denis Thatcher - “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, that open one’s mouth and remove all doubt” - than comedy MP Mark Gino François, who represents the unfortunate electorate of Rayleigh in Essex. If he spoke more slowly, his thinking might more easily keep pace. François is the most ardent of Brexiteers, but sadly for him, also the most ridiculous.
Mark François - he's completely British, honestly

The intolerance, unpleasantness and stupidity of which François is the embodiment came together as he was challenged by Steve Bray, doing nothing more threatening than talking to him while holding a placard in each hand. The Great Man swivelled round, presenting every one of his amply filled bellies, and began to address the anti-Brexit campaigner.
You know what? In the nicest possible way, we’re signing your death warrant” he asserted. “Are you?” asked Bray, giving François the chance to rephrase the remark to make it sound marginally less incendiary. The hint was not taken. “On the 31st of October, you’re out of a job … I’m sure you can find something more productive to do”. François was asked “Is that a threat?” but sadly, he was not up to responding.
Leaving aside the obvious corollary - had that been an MP on the Labour left, the death threat would have been all over the right-wing press by now - there is no finer example of Brexiteer hypocrisy. The Bitter Remoaners are the ones who threaten the brave and principled Leavers, they proclaim. Except that isn’t true.
So it was no surprise when the condemnation and ridicule began, with James Melville offering “In any normal circumstances, if someone threatened a member of the public by saying ‘we’re signing your death warrant’, they would lose their job”, to which Carol Hedges added “If anybody wants to complain to the office of [Mark François] about his vile bullying racist bigotry, here are the details of his personal office”.
As for his death threat, one Tweeter mused “[Mark François] thinks he's Andy McNab. He's actually David Brent”. And that much-vaunted military service? “Trained to kill!! The only thing Mark François is trained to kill is a buffet”. Or several buffets, one for each belly.
Abby Gifford continued on the war theme: “[Mark François] is trending … has he invaded Belgium, flown his Spitfire to Brussels or been taken prisoner-of-war?” Another commenter proffered an image of Royston Vasey with the caption “[Mark François] deserves a new constituency”. But the most damning and obvious comment was yet to come.
James Silvester was the man to administer the coup de grace: “[Mark François] is a man so objectionable in demeanour and so lacking in ability that he fails even to get into *this* Cabinet”. He ranks even lower than (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries.
All that foreigner-bashing rhetoric and nothing to show for it - plus the indignity of having an Italian middle name and a French surname. Complete with cedilla.

Mark François - so much hot air, if you stuck a pin in him, he’d fart and fly out the window.
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Malcolm Redfellow said...

Cleverly (there's nominative determinism at its best), Doyle-Price, Francois, Jenkin, Patel — all Essex MPs. All ensuring that some villages never need miss their elected idiot.

Unknown said...

Oh for God's sake, it wasn't a death threat, it wasn't meant to be taken literally. It's a when known saying used to signify the end of something - in this case then end of Steve's (who I support by the way)campaigning.

The same goes for the "threat" about him losing his job. Look at the full quote "“On the 31st of October, you’re out of a job", clearly referring to the end of his "job" campaigning. It wasn't about his employment.

Look, I can't stand François but this is ridiculous. Wilfully misinterpreting what is clearly figurative hyperbole just gives François's supporters ammunition because it makes us look dumb.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder Francois didn't arrive in a track suit and trainers while showing off his Alf Garnett tattoos. Manufactured in - where else - Essex.

A one hundred percent reactionary tory gimp. A failed garage door salesman. A Little Englander with a gammon face and a fat gut.


nparker said...

Sorry Unknown, we're not falling for gaslighting. We're not all as stupid as you, so don't even bother downplaying this threat.

Nigel Stapley said...

@Malcolm Redfellow,

And when you add in Lewis, Whittingdale, Truss, Amess (further nominative determination?) and Hancock, one has to ask what the hell is in the water or the soil in the East of England to produce so many ends of so many bells?

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Thanks, Unknown 11.52, you're absolutely right. The pathetic response of nparker is vindication enough ('gaslighting' FFS? Grow up).

Is there anyone left in the UK who hasn't 'received death threats' (ie been sent some illiterate rant by an anonymous cretin with a few festering resentments)? And yes,I know Jo Cox was murdered by some psychotic fascist bedroom-dweller.

A few stupid words from a twat like Francois, 'bullying'? Please.

Keep some sense of proportion for Christ's sake. These are serious times.

Phil Mitchell said...

Mark, seriously, I know a thing about death threats. You should have seen me and my brother Grant take on Johnny Allen

Simon Gee said...

No one seems to have noticed Francois' similarity to Gerald Campion as Billy Bunter. Cripes, maybe its my age.

rob said...

mark francois calls himself a veteran the only action he has seen was over a frying pan while he was in the TA catering corp

Anonymous said...

The exchanges were funny, and where would we get our laughs with Mons Francois, but....this post tried too hard. Let’s concentrate on actual threatening people, not large facsimiles

nparker said...

Not as pathetic as some cretin who doesn't know his arse from his elbow when it comes to political bullying. I had a lot of respect for you Bertie. Don't know what the hell your problem is now, but rest assured your insults mean absolutely nothing to me.

I'm concerned about political gaslighting. I'm glad you think people who talk about gaslighting need to grow up, since I'll know in the future that you despise, say, domestic abuse campaigners and feminists, who regularly point it out. I'm more switched on than you and I love it. You're a waste of my time, and now you're dismissed.

Unknown said...

Anyone noticed how much Le Francois looks just like Gerald Campion aka Billy Bunter? And he even enjoys similar notoriety for ganneting snacks and buffet morsels between substantial meals. One wonders how he manages to draw breath between chomping sufficient to utter all that nasty rhetoric. Yaroo! Crikey! He's waiting for his next hamper-from-home courtesy of the Brexit fairy.