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Monday 1 July 2019

Tracy Ann Oberman Crosses The Line

A rapidly-escalating Twitter exchange - escalating solely because one of the participants chose to escalate it - may be interesting a number of people this morning, specifically those who found themselves the subject of legal threats issued on behalf of minor but well-off Sleb Tracy Ann Oberman. Because it is Ms Oberman who has been not only doing the escalating, but also making a number of apparently defamatory statements, too.
Tracy Ann Oberman - needless escalation
Ash Sarkar - considering her next move

The exchange, which does nothing for the portrayal of Ms Oberman as a put-upon victim, also involved left-leaning commentator Ash Sarkar. It would not be an exaggeration to say that both participants have the ability to be combative. Ms Oberman kicked off proceedings by sniping “Ash is considered a serious political commentator and invited on to debates with the grown ups. I bloody love her she makes me LOLZ”.
From this unpromising beginning, it got worse rapidly. After Ms Sarkar parried that one with “It’s always been my life’s ambition to be the subject of 3/10 shade from a second-tier Eastenders actor. Thank you, Tracy, for making my dream a reality”. came “Oh btw this is the charming @AyoCaesar who praised and endorsed the Warsaw  ghetto graffiti artiste who spray painted my family’s open grave in the Ghetto. Child of Corbyn”.
And Ms Oberman wasn’t finished. “Considering how @AyoCaesar loves  a bit of Jew-baiting I’m amazed that she’s so touchy when a Jew has a pop back?? Well that’s @UKLabour for you these days. No irony” was soon followed by “Love conquers all Ash. I see you. I validate you. Now heal yourself and stop endorsing racists”.
I suspect Mike Sivier and his lawyers are taking notes as I type. Meanwhile, Ms Sarkar responded to an attack (since deleted) from Andy Pryor. “Here’s the formula for being a woman of colour online: Get hassled by white ladies being repeatedly hostile and unpleasant. Stand up for yourself. Get accused of being hostile and unpleasant by the blue tick brigade. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam”. Ms Oberman was lying in wait.
White Ladies. Yeah in Charlottesville when then burnt the torches saying ‘Jews . Blacks . Muslims shall not replace us’ I’m as white as you @AyoCaesar and I probably get as much racism”. What’s that got to do with it, other than as a means of escalation? Ms Sarkar shot back “No ones saying that Jewish people don’t experience racism. That’s obviously true, especially online. But unlike me, you can *also* benefit from white privilege”.
Then Ms Oberman appeared to lose it. “Don’t play the race card with me @AyoCaesar you have stirred up more antisemitism than nearly any woman on here you personally and Novarra [sic] have lied libelled and trolled many Jewish people. You’re a hypocrite. But enough attention your way”. Can she stand those claims up?
Because if she can’t, that may cause her campaign to develop not necessarily to her advantage, especially as she also claimed “Im [sic] as white as you - you wally. Honestly Ash. I know you’re [sic] days are numbered once Corbynism is dead in the water but you really can’t play Top Trumps Trolling when you and Novarra [sic] are responsible for some of the worst race viciousness on here”. That wasn’t her only claim.
There was also “Doubt after today’s view thy Ash doesn’t care about Jews who were murdered. Maybe she concurs with the tweeter who said ‘every member of your family deserved to die in the Holocaust to atone for One Palestinian’”. More escalation.
It was therefore no surprise when Ms Sarkar concluded “Tracy, you’re going to have to find some evidence of me personally libelling and lying about Jewish people. Or I’ll have to contact those libel lawyers that you’re so keen on”. Well, if she does need to reach for a lawyer, I can give her some recommendations.
After all, Ms Oberman did not seem put off by the prospect: “Bring it on. Many would love the opportunity of putting Novarra [sic] in the dock to answer some pertinent questions. My team are waiting”. Had the lawyers waiting at 2200 hours last night, did she? Hmmm.

Y’know, I was sure that the rationale behind that action Ms Oberman and her pal Rachel Riley have launched recently was, partly as least, that she was being unfairly portrayed as being aggressive and unpleasant. Perhaps I read that one wrong.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like one of those spats that happen once the second bottle has been opened, not a very edifying spectacle.

Sam said...

I can't believe how absolutely vile this woman is. But never fear as Sascha Baron Cohen's writing partner and producer Lee Kern has steamed into to protect Tracey and pontificate of the use of "whiteness" in tweets with condemnation of those who dare to describe someone as being "white privileged". That's of course a man who writes characters for Cohen that are based on the worst stereotyped racial perceptions of black rappers, gay German fashion designers or poverty stricken East European TV reporters and numerous others so no hypocrisy there.
# for the record: I'm a blue eyed, blonde haired white skinned Jew who was always mistaken as being German in the 1970s in Ibiza and someone "Hitler would have been proud of"as quipped to me on the beach one day.

Mark said...

Such a deeply unpleasant woman with a serious victim complex

Unknown said...

"left-leaning commentator Ash Sarkar"

Well that's putting lightly. As she said to Piers Moron she is "literally a communist"

Anonymous said...

You have to be concerned for the state of mind of Oberman.

Spitting hatred has long been quite standard on the far right. Which is where Oberman finally establishes herself with this rant.

Make no mistake, it will get much, much worse as a general election approaches. Expect camera lenses and newsprint to be covered with rabid spittle as the urfascist culprits get more hysterical. If it "succeeds" we all know the logical conclusion.

The public record of the last century means there are no excuses left.

Mark said...

Oberman's wimped out and deleted the tweets now. Not the first time, won't be the last, and yet she'll still play the crusader/victim

Mark said...

'My team are waiting'...and they said Jeez, leave it out luv

Unknown said...

Oh what a surprise, Oberman spitting out her bile as usual; wonder where her equally self obsessed and repugnant side kick Riley is 😁