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Friday 19 July 2019

Boris Food Lies Whey Heavily On Tories

The membership of the Tory Party, right now one of the most select and privileged electorates in the UK, if not the whole of Europe, is deciding which of two monstrously unfit candidates should be appointed Prime Minister without any further scrutiny. Will it be Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt, the former Culture Secretary, or London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson?
It seems the nod will go to Bozza, and as a result, the character of the Member for Uxbridge and South Ruislip is undergoing the kind of increased scrutiny that our free and fearless press should have been undertaking several years ago. And the latest fact checking of Bozza-speak shows that, as he did when Mayor of London, he talks well, but lies badly. The subject was no-deal Brexit and EU regulations.

Here’s his pitch to the Tories earlier this week: “Do you really think this great country of ours is incapable of making Christmas bigger … I tell you, the planes will fly, whatever deal we do, whatever deal we do, the planes will fly, and there will be clean drinking water, my friends. And there will be adequate supplies of glucose, and milk solids, and whey to make the Mars Bars that we need. Because where there’s a will, there’s a whey!
Laugh? I thought I’d never start. But almost as soon as Bozza made his promise to the easily persuaded came the pushback. Chris Chilton, whose Twitter bio tells that he is a “Professional Chocolatier”, reminded us “As a senior director in the UK chocolate industry, I can assure you that according to Mars’ own contingency planning, there WON’T be glucose, milk solids & whey to make UK Mars Bars in the event of a no deal Brexit (nor will there be cocoa!)”. Bozza had been caught lying once more.
It was not the only whopper he pitched at that event. As the BBC has reported, “Boris Johnson pulled a kipper out from under the podium … Waving the smoked fish in the air, he said the manufacturer of the kipper - from the Isle of Man - was ‘utterly furious’ with EU regulations … ‘After decades of sending kippers like this through the post, he has had his costs massively increased by Brussels bureaucrats who have insisted that each kipper must be accompanied by this: a plastic ice pillow”. Crikey chaps! Gosh! Oo-er!
Sadly, as the Beeb also told, Bozza was lying: “The EU does have rules on temperature controls when transporting fresh fish. These are in place to ensure food is safe to consume … However, when it comes to smoked products, such as kippers, it is up to national Governments to set any rules”. Also, the Isle of Man is not in the EU.

Hence the BBC’s conclusion. “Claim: EU regulations require kipper suppliers to keep their products cool with ice pillows when they are delivered … Verdict: This is not true. EU regulation covers fresh fish, not smoked fish”. Another day, another whopper.
And while Bozza is exhorting Tory members and the media to “look over there”, the no deal advice becomes ever more ominous, as Will Hazell of the TES has pointed out: “The Government has published this extraordinary Brexit guidance for schools. Says they should plan ‘for potential impacts of a no deal scenario’ in relation to their food supplies - ‘this may include plans to adapt menus to allow for product substitution’”.

Don’t let Bozza the Clown distract from the grim reality. And keep calling out his lies.
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Anonymous said...

Johnson doesn't "...talks well...", though he certainly lies badly.

He's a Bullingdon bullshitter while Hunt is a modular tory suburban spiv.

In truth they are all this country deserves just as Trump and his gang are all the USA deserves. Both are logical products of decaying, corrupt cultures.

The worst is yet to come, probably preceded by yet another West-instigated war and followed by yet another Economic Depression and then by yet more "austerity". Unless......

Arnold said...

The Daily Express gave him the kipper claim. A win win situation. Another Euro myth that will never die, and the fact that it's total bullshit won't undermine De Piffle.

Steve Woods said...

Brexit, pursued by a bare-faced liar.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

'Brexit, pursued by a bare-faced liar'. (From A Witless Tale, perhaps).

That's good! Is it your own?

Anonymous said...

Pass the sick bucket.

It's a fucking bonanza year.
Boris and his new love interest.

Oakshott has somewhat been a replacement for Mensch for many in to wanking.
Still, as far as the truth goes in politics.
Where is it?

Tice might not like those thoughts. Get used to it. She has already fucked you enough to know your likes and dislikes.

Clever girl.