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Tuesday 16 July 2019

Tracy Ann Oberman - Name The Name

This blog does not always agree with minor Sleb Tracy Ann Oberman. But what she described yesterday on the BBC’s Victoria Live not only deserves wider exposure, the perpetrator of what appears to have been utterly reprehensible behaviour towards her deserves to be named and shamed. What she described to Victoria Derbyshire should never have to be endured by anyone. So let’s hear it in her own words.
Tracy Ann Oberman

I thought that these people just existed behind a Twittersphere, or social media sphere, or a Facebook page. I was at a party and an actor … was very drunk, and he kept looking at me, was eyeballing me. Eventually he came over, and he said ‘I know you, I know you, you’re one of that lot, you’re one of that lot, your lot’s days are over’”.
Victoria Derbyshire

Well, there’s a chat-up line to savour, or maybe not. Do go on. “And I said ‘what d’you mean, my lot?’ and he said ‘Your lot, you’re trying to bring a good man down’. Very aggressively, spitting in my face, and I said, ‘I’m sorry, a woman, a mother, an actress, a … Jew?’ and he went ‘There, you said it’”. That sounds particularly nasty. And there is more.
‘You said it’. And then he said ‘your North London cabal, your days are over, because change is coming’. And I said, as he spat at me, ‘are you the sort of supporter that Jeremy Corbyn would like to align himself with?’ and he went ‘I know Jeremy very well, and your days are numbered’. And so it was really quite intimidating, frightening to see that in real life”. What she has described is totally inexcusable.
That conclusion was also reached by several Twitter observers, with comments such as “That sounds awful. If antisemites like him are expecting a Corbyn government to persecute Jews, then he's going to be sorely disappointed” typical. Another commenter responded “That's assault though, as she said he spat at her.. Hope she called the cops and got him arrested. Antisemitism and assault, his career would be over. She should name and shame”. Name and shame should be the name of the game.
One voice from the left pointed out “Tell Tracy to report him to the Labour party immediately. If he's a member, he will have to answer her charges. If she doesn't, how can the party do anything about it?” She knows who he is, and he sounds like a Labour member - so yes, she should report that to the party.
Others were of similar mind: “Who was it... please... this person needs to be identified” …”Name and shame him”. And one voice asked “Who’s the actor? Why didn’t anyone at the party step in? Why didn’t anyone call the police? I ask these questions because If it happened anywhere else someone would have videoed it, people would have stepped in and the police would have been called as it’s a hate crime”. Name the name.
What Tracy Ann Oberman has described is wholly unacceptable behaviour. And yes, it sounds very much like it should be reported as hate speech. There must have been witnesses. So she must name the name - this kind of behaviour is not acceptable, whether one agrees with Ms Oberman’s stance on Labour or not.

Only by naming the names will casual anti-Semitism like that be eradicated. That is all.
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Tether said...

I'm not sure she should have to, at least publicly, name him. But he should be reported if the story happened as she said it happened. Whether to the police or, certainly, to Labour.

I'm a six foot plus male. I couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag if it was soaking wet, but I don't get hassled. This isn't something I experience, and I know that it shouldn't be brushed off.

Sam said...

Well Tracey Ann can sure dish it out so perhaps she now understands how such rabid garbage affects other people. Of course it's unacceptable and she does not deserve it- nor do those who are on the receiving end of her exaggerations (and let's not mention Durham miners who are attacked for playing a song).
I have no idea how Jeremy Corbyn feels when such viscous and nasty lies are spread about him. Perhaps he's used to it. The endless putrid lies perpetuated about him dwarf Oberman's awful experience but of course for some bizarre reason when Jeremy is attacked it's just par for the course- such as Margaret Hodge's vile libel shouted for all to hear.
Of course we have no idea if this bloke was a Labour Party member and out of millions who are or who support Labour he does not represent anything except his own idiocy.
But I have a real problem here: Oberman presented this hideous incident, if it happened, as indicative of the Labour Party under Corbyn. It is not.
And if she knows who this offender is- if it happened- she does a dis-service by not naming or reporting him.
I'm not holding my breathe though.
Incidentally, I could relate some hair-raising antisemitic vile attacks that happened to me particularly when I was young but oddly, no-one's ever invited me onto the BBC to tell them.

Starbuck said...


on the contrary, she should name that man, if only to put her claims to scrutiny.
right now, it's all a "if it happened", and as Tim said, then it should be condemned.
But on the other side, if it didn't, is that it's just another gratuitous invented smear. in that case, she's pretty much doing the works of the Tories and the right-wing press, which let's not kid ourselves is doing far more to stoke racism (inc. anti-semitism) and bigoted xenophobia, than what all the communist loonies in Britain ever did (ie : anti-semitism is/was part of the communist propaganda playbook to discredit western capitalism, and has since partially morphed to justify palestinian support)

Anonymous said...

If it happened. Her own timeline is an open sewer. So much hatred, so much anger. And she's mates with Frances Barber & Rachel Riley, see this blog passim.

Anonymous said...

What is it that colours me in all cynical? Witnesses? Did anyone intervene? CCTV/mob phone footage? Police involvement? Labour informed? Equity notified?

Evidence. Supporting evidence. If any is forthcoming I'll be among the first demanding this 'actor' be expelled by Labour and a criminal prosecution.

Watcher234 said...

Maybe cant name and shame cos it never happened?

Jaxster said...

So having sometime on my hands and an unblocked by TAO twitter account. Our suspect is Irish, has 3 kids, is an "unsuccessful actor" He's a wife abusing functioning alcoholic. Who is "only racist when he's drunk". Incident was resolved between his agent and hers and UK Equity were informed. She is not allowed to discus because of "legals" maybe talking about it on national TV not the best plan. Eh? https://twitter.com/TracyAnnO/status/1150838028002385922

Anonymous said...

And if it didn't happen that makes Oberman a liar.

Given her oft stated opinions it's suspicious to say the least. If true, this was "an opportunity" to create the kind of anti-Labour and anti-Corbyn furore she often appears to seek.

Call me cynical but I wouldn't believe a word coming from her mouth until I see irrefutable evidence.

Wildswimmer Pete said...

Bear in mind Tracy Ann Oberman is one of the pair who are suing Mike Sivier of Vox Politiconline.

Mark said...

Echoing what many have said on here. I saw Liam Hourican from Murder in Successville openly challenged her on twitter saying 'this did not happen'

Anonymous said...

I suspect she's been busy with her lawyer again as today there's been an 'exchange' on Twitter between Liam Hourican and TAO

The upshot is he's said sorry.


@TracyAnnO Tracy, I'm sorry for what I said. That was rude and uncalled for. I am not a rude person IRL and I'm sorry I behaved like that on Twitter. I don't know you and I wasn't there. I had no right to comment. I am sincerely sorry.
9:06 AM - 18 Jul 2019

Seems some people also made the wrong assumption the actor was him so he's being abused.

I still don't see why this has anything to do with either Labour or Jeremy Corbyn. One drunken man at a party (and we only have one version of events, cos 'legals' which makes you wonder why anything was said at all) is not an entire party.

Anonymous said...

I see TAO is now claiming some sort of victimhood as she's female.

"He called me a liar and made up a scenario that didn’t happen. He wouldn’t do this to a fellow male performer"

"Twitter Warning:. Liam wouldn’t call me a liar to my face so why did he do it on Twitter?"

"Debateable. Being shamed by your industry leads one to rethink calling a woman a liar. But I appreciate his gesture"

Now who is making things up? Pure speculation. He may well have said what he did to a man. He may well have challenged her to her face.

"Liam should pin this (apology) tweet as a warning to others. I have evidence that what I said on @vicderbyshire is the truth. Let this be a warning to others who will be equally sorry."

Threats of legal action again? Busy man her lawyer. Or ... something more sinister? Who knows.

Does she actually do much acting? She does appear to spend a huge amount of time on Twitter and watching what people are saying about her.

Replying to @domjoly

"I have many allies and friends who called @liamhourican out and shamed him. When a man attacks a woman and says about her experience ‘this didn’t happen’ to gaslight her - our industry goes ballistic ."

What the entire acting profession has gone ballistic? I must have missed that.

I do wish people who look up what 'gaslighting' actually is too. As an actress, you'd think she would know the play.

My opinion? Tracy Ann Oberman has got a massively over inflated view of her importance.

I see the usual sad people on Twitter sucking up and telling her she's wonderful. Some people love their egos stroked.

Jul 16

"Bloody hell. Im again really moved & overwhelmed by support & love from media, entertainment industry, journos politicians, educators,anti racist & community workers on the 48hr trolling spree I’ve faced since @vicderbyshire interview went viral. Many good people. Gratitude 🙌"

That's ignoring all those who frankly my dear, don't give a damn.

Jaxster said...

If someone could unpick the bones out of this massive thread they'd probably be able to identify the actor:

"He is that actor I met IRL who kept screaming in my face that Change Was Coming and pointing at me and shouting about ‘You Lot’ whilst everyone at the birthday party laughed in his face. 😂 4:51 PM - 7 Nov 2018"