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Sunday 30 June 2019

Toby Young Backs Actual Fascist

Such is his passion for boldly searching out bad news about Rotten Lefties™, and his woeful lack of ability when it comes to telling truth from fiction, that it was only a matter of time before the loathsome Toby Young came unstuck - and got conned rotten. I have to tell you that this moment has now arrived, leaving Tobes covered in rather more than confusion, after he decided to champion the cause of one Andy Ngo.
Taking what he was shown as fact - forgetting that what looks too good to be true probably is too good to be true - Tobes told his followers “If you were ever in any doubt that so-called anti-fascists are in fact fascists, take a look at this photo. A gay Asian man (@MrAndyNgo) beaten up by Antifa thugs in Portland because he disagrees with their politics [sic] views”. But not everyone was convinced by Ngo’s show.
Andy Ngo - not a blameless victim

Observing that video of the incident only started at the point Ngo was struck, Matt Binder mused “Weird you can see all these photographers and journalists snapping pics in this video, completely unharmed, and Antifa only takes issue with right wing provocateur Andy Ngo. Also interesting the video starts right at the moment he gets smacked. I wonder!
Ah, so Ngo is not a mere bystander, but an agent provocateur. Did Tobes miss that? Perhaps he also missed Ngo’s recent involvement in violence coming out of the far-right, as one Tweeter told: “Here's Andy doxxing a victim of the Cider Riot attack. Her vertebrae was fractured when one of Andy's chums hit her with a metal baton from behind”.
Not blameless at all, it seems

It gets worse: a more detailed account of that attack tells “Andy Ngo was a key participant in a filmed Nazi attack on a Portland bar on 5/1/19 in which an antifascist had their neck broken … Andy, after meeting with the group of attackers ahead of time, arrived first with a group of Patriot Prayer affiliated videographers. They set up and waited for the fighting members of the group to show up and create viral content for Andy and themselves”.
Do go on. “Patriot Prayer videographers partner with the group to capture viral footage for themselves while promoting the fascist organization. Everyone who has experience with Portland rallies knows that Andy Ngo is a key player in the violence that Patriot Prayer has brought to Portland”. Not quite the victim Tobes is suggesting, is he?
And Libcom Dot Org let us know “Just a reminder that Andy Ngo was the author of the massively Islamophobic WSJ article which claimed there was Sharia law in Tower Hamlets because he saw an 'alcohol restricted' sign”. The article, “A visit to Islamic England”, was little more than far-right propaganda. This is Tobes’ latest pal.
We didn’t get to see what happened before Ngo was apparently struck. But we do know that Andy Ngo is a neo-Fascist provocateur given a veneer of respectability because he’s an editor for Quillette. He sides with groups like the Proud Boys, whom the anti-Fascist counter-demonstrators were protesting in Portland yesterday.
The Proud Boys promote political violence. Not the anti-Fascists. Toby Young could have found that out by no more than a couple of minutes’ Googling. Instead, he took Ngo and his pals at their word and made himself look an even bigger fool.

He’s called Captain Bellend. Because he’s a Bellend. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

Young is like McTernan...an eternal loser.

One of those people great and good pastor Bonhoffer had in mind when he said, "I stopped arguing with Nazis when they became too stupid to argue with."

The same comment could also apply to the owners, editors and employees of the Scum and the Daily Heil.