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Wednesday 12 June 2019

Katie Hopkins Film BANNED In Israel

The propagation of fear and hatred by those out on the far-right does not always run smoothly, and for pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, that, it seems, means getting her new film banned - including in the state of Israel. She had produced a work claiming that both Jews and Christians were being driven out of Europe by Scary Muslims™. She had explained this non-event as “silent retreat of Christians and Jews from Western Europe”.
Viewers may still want to look away now

As she was peddling rank and paranoid Islamophobia, she decided to premier the film in Israel, mistakenly believing that there would be an appetite for her particular version of reality there, telling “Headed to Israel for the Israeli Premier of my new documentary #Homelands … With the threat of Corbyn in Number 10 and Labour MPs using anti-Semitic tweets drive support from their Muslim base - this doc could not be more timely”.
This was accompanied by the usual creative racism, such as “Remember that time #NotreDame burned down and no one needed to find out why”. She helpfully described the documentary, Homelands, thus: “Our people searching for a new place to call home … The pessimists ended up in LA. The optimists ended up in Auschwitz. You cannot afford to be optimistic in Western Europe”. Europe now equals Hitler! Who knew?
And last night her film did indeed premier in Israel, but her paranoia was clearly deepened by the experience: “My thanks to tenacious Israeli friends for screening Homelands last night - documenting the Jexodus from Western Europe … Despite pressure from London to shut us down *below* we prevailed”. London tried to shut her down?
Ah well. All was explained by Ha’Aretz. “Far-right commentator Katie Hopkins announced Tuesday night she had found an Israeli venue to screen her anti-Muslim documentary, after three venues had canceled planned screenings … The Beit Uri Zvi cultural center tweeted Tuesday night that it had agreed to host the screening of Hopkins’ film ‘Homelands’ at the request of Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum”.
As a result, Ms Hassan-Nahoum faced calls for her resignation, as Jewish News has reported: “[Tal] Ofer [a deputy who sits on the Board of Deputies] called for her resignation, writing: ‘The Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem have let British Jews and the Diaspora down and her position as Jerusalem’s Diaspora Minister is untenable’”.
Ha’Aretz noted that Ms Hopkins claimed the screening went ahead “she said, ‘despite the best efforts of the small-minded left, particularly the Jews in the UK’ and the Israeli media. Encouraging her followers to see her documentary, she said it is a film that ‘quite clearly, the left don’t want you to see.’” Were they the “wrong kind of Jews”, Katie?
Perhaps she would care to explain this detail: the first planned screening “was canceled over the weekend by ‘mutual agreement’ when the municipality became aware of the nature of the film … two venues that were subsequently booked to show the film canceled screenings after becoming aware of the film’s subject matter”.
Of course, when peddling the false and indeed malicious prospectus “the silent exodus of Jewish and Christian families, forced out of Western Europe by Islamists”, it’s highly likely that those with their reality circuit engaged will not want to play ball. Katie Hopkins may want to be pals with the Jewish community, but the feeling is most certainly not mutual.
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Unknown said...

“Our people searching for a new place to call home"

Our people? Really? She's about as Jewish as Father Christmas. She went to a bloody convent school.

Unknown said...

I can only hope she, and her backers, lose a great deal of money.