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Saturday 8 June 2019

Simon Danczuk Labour Attack BACKFIRES

Former Labour MP Simon Danczuk may not be back in the news - yet - but he’s certainly angling to get himself a little more attention, perhaps even to get a gullible enough tabloid editor bung him a few bags of sand for a column or two. His problem is that his lamentable track record is still there for all to see. So sit back and get the popcorn in.
Spanker has decided to garner a little more attention by laying into the Labour Party, of which he was happy to be a member until they suspended him for behaviour I’ll consider later on. The problem with his rant at Labour is that everything he accuses the party of doing, he’s done himself. But first let’s look at his attack.
Grooming, Asian vote dependency and anti-Semitism, eh?

One reason Labour are quiet on anti-Semitism is because it plays strongly in the Asian Muslim vote, just like they wouldn't be critical of the grooming perpetrators. It's all about votes. These are facts” he Tweeted yesterday morning. So that’s accusations on the subjects of Grooming, dependency on the Asian vote, and anti-Semitism.
Grooming ...

Grooming. Spanker must have forgotten his being caughtsexting” a 17-year-old girl in late December 2015. She was no more than a year older than many victims in the Rochdale grooming scandal. His then girlfriend Claire Hamilton didn’t forget it: she dumped the SOB on the spot. He’s got no room to talk about grooming.

Dependency on the Asian Vote. Danczuk must have forgotten something else - his assiduous courting of Rochdale’s Bangladeshi community, which went way beyond merely knocking on doors and doing a few photo-ops. He appeared at a male-only local gathering under the auspices of the Bangladesh National Party. He even met Khaleda Zia, the leader of the BNP. And he met Khaleda Zia’s son in London.
... Asian vote dependency ...

The BNP has “been accused of turning a blind eye to the growth of militant Islamic extremism in the country and for allying itself with Islamic fundamentalist parties, such as the Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, which had also opposed the independence of Bangladesh". Worse, Khaleda Zia’s son has featured on an Interpol “red corner” notice: he is wanted by the authorities in Bangladesh on terrorism charges.

Anti-Semitism. Spanker has no room to so much as peep about anti-Semitism; he is on record indulging in a deliberate anti-Semitic smear against a Jewish journalist who had got the better of him in a Twitter argument. David Rose of the Mail on Sunday had declined to indulge Danczuk’s demands to know if he’d paid informants for interviews.
... and anti-Semitism

Also, Rose began to question him about his association with the Bangladeshi BNP. Then, after Rose pointed out that he had not interviewed Danczuk’s first wife Sonia Rossington ahead of her serious allegations against the former MP, he snapped “I know that David. Tell us all if you're friends with any of Lord Janner's family?”. Busted.
And to put the lid on it, Sayeeda Warsi has called out his deliberately divisive tactics: “your tweet is as racist, divisive & wrong as saying one reason @Conservatives are quiet on #Islamophobia is because it plays strongly to Jews. Those that claim to fight antisemitism by promoting anti Muslim bigotry are no defenders of minority rights”.

Spanker reminds us why he was such a complete tosser. Because he still is one.
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Anonymous said...

The Toad being as always ever the slime ball he truly is.

Perhaps his Ex twatty and poor kids are 'costa packet' and he's needing to find a source of additional income to let them live the life she aspires to without lifting a finger.

I hear one of the kids is being encouraged to cross-dress and the carrot of a TV interview was dangled in front of the poor boy. What a disgrace the pair of them are.

Mark said...

I recently stumbled upon Karen's instagram account. Unsurprisingly it's full of photos of her cleavage and her bare arse. Some of the comments left on these images ask for 'custom videos' so there's a line of revenue she can consider I'm sure

Jonathan said...

Simon once claimed to Inspector Knacker at Rochdale nick that a certain group in my home town had left threatening messages on his doorstep on Redcross St threatening to burn his house down.

So Inspector Knacker at Rochdale nick investigated and found NOT a shred of evidence to support his wild claims.
The Danczuk also purged Rochdale CLP of local leftwingers who opposed him via a, kangaroo Court via the help of the head of NW Regional Office who now has departed for Change UK.

Unfortunately Danczuk is a Walter Mitty, bit like Cyril Smith another great fantasist who also manipulated the local media to smear his Labour opponents also a bully as I witnessed on numerous occasions at our Sorting Office in 1996 & 97.