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Monday 10 June 2019

Boris and Cocaine - THE TRUTH

[Update at end of post]

While Michael “Oiky” Gove finds himself the subject of controversy and condemnation from our free and fearless press this morning over his admission that he took cocaine “on several occasions” around 20 years ago, and other Tory leadership hopefuls come forward to admit to a variety of drug use in the past, the current front runner has managed to avoid media scrutiny. That might be about to change.
London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is as guilty as Gove and the rest. He is, though, keeping a low profile and the press, led by those titles under the control of the Murdoch mafiosi, is not asking the questions it should be. So let me put Bozza’s team straight: their man took cocaine, he’s admitted it, and my information is that he took it rather more recently than his student years.
Those youthful indiscretions were reported by the Evening Standard back in 2008, when Bozza was the Tories’ Mayoral hopeful. When asked if he had smoked dope before he went to University, he replied “That's true”. And as to whether he took cocaine, “Well, that was when I was 19. It all goes to show that sometimes it's better not to say anything”. So he smoked dope and took cocaine. But only as a teenager. Allegedly.
Natalie Rowe

Except, as Natalie Rowe has pointed out, it wasn’t just when he was a teenager: “HOLD ON A SEC @BorisJohnson there is NO WAY that your ‘encounter‘ with Cocaine was in your University days, you were snorting the stuff up like Nobodies business at the Party in Knightsbridge where you racially abused me and that was early 90’s you absolute LIAR”.
At this point, readers are referred to a Zelo Street post from last year titled Boris And The Monkey Melon Moment, which is about That Party In Knightsbridge. It was then that Bozza had a melon cut in half, then brandishing it at Ms Rowe and making monkey noises. It now seems that his braggadocio was fuelled by his friend Charlie.
She is also under no illusions about Bozza managing to get the Top Job despite his transgressions, noting “Osborne then went on to become The Chancellor despite [evidence of cocaine use]. I’m not naive [enough] to believe that the fact #BorisJohnson is a habitual user of illegal drugs will halt his PM gig”. Quite.

And when was that party? Put it this way, Bozza was well out of University by that time. He was, in fact, coming to the end of his stint as Brussels point man for the Telegraph: the party in Knightsbridge took place in 1993. Bozza was not a mere teenager; he was in his late 20s, and indeed, already on his second wife.
Which way will Osborne jump?

Moreover, Ms Rowe is of the firm belief that Bozza continued his cocaine usage well after that point. So, having given our free and fearless press a few pointers, perhaps they would care to do their jobs and put The Man Who Would Be PM on the spot.

While they’re at it, they might usefully ask the Evening Standard’s current editor for a comment. After all, he was at that party too. Weren’t you, George?
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[UPDATE 11 June 1035 hours: this comment was left on the Zelo Street Facebook page in response to this post.

"I used to work for Vogue in NYC, one of my friends was a model, she was mixed race, we went to a gallery opening where Boris also attended, his pick up line to my friend was 'Do you have a touch of the tarbrush in you?' Luckily she was much more refined than he was and did not slap him or spill her drink over him, he apparently thought he was funny as he laughed his horrendous laugh (somewhere between an asthma attack and somebody choking from too big a bite), I guess he was also 'slightly overly refreshed' or possibly had encountered a snow storm".

And to that I will make no further comment. Because none is needed]


Stephen said...

I'd always assumed he had a couple of snorts before writing his Telegraph columns. It's hard to imagine he could come up with that sort of stuff straight.

Anonymous said...

Drug use disqualifies no one from anything, so says The Guardian today. I wonder why they have suddenly found some sympathy for Gove?

Anonymous said...

It seems the hamster-faced hypocritical gett Gove has really done it this time*.

He's finished as a politician, though doubtless his coke-snorting pals in corporate media will offer him some "opportoonities" to join them on the latest line. To say nothing of fellow snorters in the Law and Order, Strong and Stable Party. Or hedge funds in need of a "fired-up advisor".

Nobody with common sense will be in the least surprised by the Bozo "revelations". He looks and sounds as though he's permanently got the stuff jammed up his nose.

Then again, one look at the spivs gallery of "leadership candidates" should have drugs criminals scrambling for their mobile phones. As for Esther McVey......Jesus, what's that harridan ON?

*Is there a statute of limitation on hamster-face's admitted crime? If not, why hasn't Inspector Knacker already felt the felon's collar?

zail said...

It's not the drug use itself that is the main issue here - although it does expose the one rule for those rule vs other rules for the rest of us thinking. The rank hypocrisy, duplicity and downright contemptuous behaviour is appalling, even for bloody Tories