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Sunday 30 June 2019

Boris - Press Sitting On Affair Story

Once again, our free and fearless press finds itself under scrutiny, not just for what it does publish, but for what it does not. And when the subject of what it does not publish concerns London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the man who would be Prime Minister, it matters to all of us.
After the well-documented Domestic between Bozza and his partner Carrie Symonds was read, inwardly digested and thoroughly analysed last week, rumours began to circulate that the row as published was only the tail end of a rather longer exchange of views between the less than totally happy couple. And the subject of the opening salvoes from Ms Symonds are believed to concern Bozza’s lack of fidelity towards her.

Perhaps it did not occur to her at the time, but the very fact that she began a relationship with The Great Man when he was supposed to be married to second wife Marina Wheeler should have told Ms Symonds that her new man had a tendency to be distracted by women other than his current partner. But as she is well connected in the media world, it was never going to take long for her to get up to speed on the subject.
So it was no surprise when Nick Tolhurst told “2 UK newspapers have info on an additional Boris Johnson affair which was the source of argument with Carrie Symonds but have yet to publish”. The press knows, and indeed, anyone who subscribes to Popbitch knows. Heck, just spending a few minutes searching on the browser of your choice and at least one illicit Bozza liaison will be revealed. Maybe more than one.

Worse, as it is more than likely that Ms Symonds confronted Bozza with evidence of his wanderings at the start of that Domestic, there are now worries among The Great Man’s cheerleaders not only that she named names, but also that she named them loudly enough for the recording of the argument to contain them.
That concern has clearly got to Bozza’s pals at the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph, and there is no more desperate hack there than Christopher “No” Hope, who has tried to discredit any audio evidence by offering “Carrie Symonds' flat builder breaks silence as he claims walls are so thick neighbours could not hear motorbike revving”. The outside walls, maybe. But not the internal ones. Nice try, but still no hope.
Hope has no hope of keeping l’affaire Bozza (or maybe that should read les affaires Bozzas) out of the news. The names being circulated are well-enough known that no amount of that legendary press Omertà will hold back the news. One bip on the social media throttle and it’ll be out there. And once one paper summons the courage to run the story, it will be like the Domestic - the herd instinct will take over.

The Bozza story the Murdoch Sunday Times has offered up today - something from 30 years ago that can be brushed off as another of those Mere Youthful Indiscretions - is just a smokescreen. It’s mere damage limitation, a distraction to con the public into thinking that the press really is on The Great Man’s case. Don’t fall for it.

Those who said Bozza was a potential security risk were right. You can’t have a Prime Minister wandering off because he can’t keep his trousers zipped up. More to come.
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Anonymous said...

The mind boggles at what kind of woman would want to climb into the sack with that fat slob.


Jonathan said...

Bozza a fan of Girls Aloud particulary it's lead..

Arnold said...

There certainly don't seem to be any recent photos of him and Carrie since the bust-up

Malcolm Redfellow said...

"An influencer", no less.

Anonymous said...

"One bip on the social media throttle", will be all it takes, Tim.

mike merritt said...

A ditty that I heard first during the 1980's miner's strike:
We're the men of the media
we decide the nation's views
we're the ones who do decide
what doesn't go in the news.
We'll tie you up in video
We'll put you down in ink;
For we're the one's who do decide
what you're allowed to think, think think,think:

rob said...

Surely the guttersnipe "man down the pub" fantasist Guido would have inside knowledge of the story? Aw

Or perhaps like Anon he doesn't have "hard" evidence?

Jonathan said...

If this story breaks out, then Bozza clearly is toast, as the Security Services have already told the Civil Service, Bozza is a high blackmail risk..
Wonder what the Russians have on Bozza..?

Dan said...

Disappointing that Popbitch would hide the info behind a paywall. This is kind of a big deal, with him being the PM-in-waiting. At least the papers aren't just withholding the information to make money (you could even argue that they're losing money by not publishing it)

Pendragon said...

Apparently Johnson was annoyed she was on his computer. Was she going through his e-mails to see who he'd been in contact with?
And if names were picked up through the thin walls and recorded and passed on to The Guardian, are they one of the newspapers in the know?

Jonathan said...

Bozza is a, serial philanderer, whose trouser zip is permantely down.
For the life of me, I cannot fathom what on God's green Earth would women want to have this serial cheat and liar in their lives.
Just surprised there has not been a Kiss n tell story in the Mirror yet..
Or has Bozza bought them off as well?

Puzzled as to why Popbitch have their article about Bozza and a certain ex Girls Aloud member hiding behind a pay wall, especially if it could blow up Bozza's campaign up in smoke?

Anonymous said...

The fat slob has now "promised a pay rise" to public service workers.

Believe him and you'll believe any M25 barrow boy.

While we're talking of tenth rate spivs......Hunt has now blamed the 2008 global Depression on the Labour Party. No, really.

Does anybody seriously think it makes a ha'aporth of difference which of the far right gobshites slithers into Downing Street?

P Staines said...

Can you stick to the fact the story is about Boris.


rob said...

Similarly The Met are sitting on the allegations of wrongdoing in the recent referendum (whatever next?) and involved with a spat with the Electoral Commission over "hard evidence" either received or not.

All so reminiscent of the phone hacking stories being rubbished as codswallop by Bojo (and probably Andrew Neill) but which turned out to be the "tip of the iceberg".

We have come to a pretty pass when our main law setters and law keepers are so compromised by foreign mafia type organisations.