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Thursday 20 June 2019

Press Joins Guido In The Sewer

In case there was still anyone out there who thought that our free and fearless press possessed even the distant remnant of a principle, that notion was dispelled as the unseemly convocation of hacks and pundits gorged themselves to the brink of mass projectile vomiting over the gotchas performed yesterday by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog.
The two people who were suspended from their jobs were not merely part of the fun of it all for The Great Guido: those who scrabble around the dunghill that is Grubstreet also showed that they don’t give a flying foxtrot about folks being thrown out of work, so long as they can kick the hated BBC. So it was that they all went in with both feet.
Over at the Northcliffe House bunker, the Mail did what it does best - talk well, but lie badly - as it told readers that one of the questioners in the Tory leadership debate was a “Labour apparatchik”. He wasn’t. But those who formerly toiled under the jackboot of the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre knew that the Beeb had to apologise.

And the other pillar of right-wing righteousness, the Murdoch Sun, howled thatBBC bias allowed anti-Semitic Corbyn stooges on Tory leadership debate”. One person was accused of making anti-Semitic comments, but in the retelling, and with the mob already slavering at the prospect of BBC blood, one person becomes at least two.
The Sun calling "bigot" on others. Yes, really

At least the Murdoch mafiosi were honest about their motivation. “IF the scandal of the BBC’s Tory leadership debate doesn’t trigger wholesale reform over its political bias nothing will. It has rarely been more blatant. Here was the corporation caught red-handed passing off Corbyn stooges as ordinary people chosen to ask searching questions of the candidates for PM”. Some viewers support Jezza? Get over it.
There was more: “the BBC is awash with lefties using the broadcaster, funded by your compulsory licence fee, to push their anti-Tory, anti-capitalist, pro-socialism agenda. They don’t recognise their bias because in their warped worldview they occupy the centre ground, not to mention the moral high ground, and not the far left where most people see them … If those behind it aren’t ashamed enough to quit they should be fired”.
Similar sentiments were expressed by official Brexit Party “paper”, the joke that is still called the Express. Yet the press establishment is seemingly unaware of exactly where this puts its own reputation for allegedly fearless journalism. So let me put them straight.

The BBC Tory leadership debate was on Tuesday evening. But yesterday morning, there was no righteous howling about the background of questioners. Which means two things: one, the right-wing press has admitted it didn’t bother to scour those questioners’ backgrounds in the hours between the debate and going to press.
And two - most damaging - that supposedly credible news sources are now relying on hit jobs undertaken by a borderline Fake News outfit, run by Paul Staines, someone with a history of far-right association, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, an Apartheid apologist, an accessory to terrorism, and a vindictive bully whose hypocrisy is off the scale.

The Great Guido is in the sewer. The bad news is, the press is in there with him.
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Anonymous said...

Neither Heil or Scum ever name BBC "left wingers".

Odd, that.

Jeremy Hunt should be called Isaac said...

"The BBC is awash with lefties" says, The Sun and Stroppy Gobinson.

A Brexit Party leaflet came through my letterbox yesterday and it was awash with inaccuracies/lies.
A Treasury forecast about the situation if the UK leaves the EU with a bi-lateral trade agreement is re-worded as if we've already exited.
NHS staffing with Non-UK EU nationals ignores the fact earlier reports were inaccurate and underestimated.
They quote the Chief Executive of Thames Water saying that there'd be no water shortages post exit.


I suppose that it is too much to ask the media to criticise pUKdIP version 2.0 for distributing fake news.

Anonymous said...

A typical media far right propaganda blitz to try to disguise the hilarious cacophony "debate".

Which made them all look a right pack of charlies who'd been sniffing charlie in the pre-show green room.

It even gave a bad name to a custard pie fight.

Anonymous said...

What was the point of this debate? Only Conservative Party members have a say on the next PM, so all questions should have come from them. Having these placemen ask questions was an irrelevance, unless the BBC is trying to influence any forthcoming General Election that is.

I presume the author of this piece who delights in describing people who like an odd glass "thirsty" has given up visiting the real ale pubs of Cheshire and sample their wares. Wouldn't do to be hypocritical.

Tim Fenton said...



I quote "When we arrive at the pub around the corner, the barmaid suggests his [Staines'] usual tipple – a bottle of chablis".

"Occasional glass" my arse.

Must try harder. You're welcome.

nparker said...

Compulsory licence fee? Its only compulsory to people who think they need television in order to exist.

Of course, maybe that's why these people never learnt to be journalists. They're too distracted watching television every single waking moment?