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Tuesday 4 June 2019

Darren Grimes - Grifters Gonna Grift

While our free and fearless press has been focused on the faux President, Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, and his state visit to the UK, his supporters out there on the right have been attempting, and failing, to garner support for their own place in history. One of those trying his best to score some personal attention - and sympathy - has been former Vote Leave and BeLeave participant Darren Grimes.
Darren Grimes - smiling all the way to the bank

Grimes, who is already referred to more often as Darren Crimes, wants the world to know that he could be rendered bankrupt as a result of an upcoming court case. The world, sadly for Grimes, is not fussed about the prospect.
After he told “In six weeks time, I'm in court appealing the Electoral Commission's decision to whack me with their maximum fine … If I lose, I'm bankrupt … If I win, I clear my name, I clear the smears against the Leave campaign and expose this biased quango … Thank you for your support”, the disinterest and derision followed.
One Tweeter put together a montage of recent Grimes adventures and concluded “I hardly think Darren Crimes is bankrupt when [he] can afford swank degustations, or go on luxury peak season holidays to Cannes, US, South Africa, Switzerland or horsey country retreats”. And he’s crowdfunded more than £91,000. Bankrupt indeed.
From there came straightforward derision. “Wow @darrengrimes_ I wish I was as bankrupt as you!” … “Is there a link to donate to the Electoral Commission instead?” … “You have received enough money try working”. Working, eh, Dazza? There’s a challenge.
Nor was there much support for his court case, with one Tweeter pointing out “Even though you claim it was all mistakes in paperwork, there is no paperwork possible that would have made your actions legal”. Plus the Met is now investigating him.
And as to the idea of him becoming bankrupt, well, Grimes is prone to turning on the hyperbole, as another commenter pointed out: “Except you won’t be bankrupt because despite spending half your time criticising social provision and ‘handouts’ you’re one of the biggest scroungers on Twitter, preying on gullible idiots and getting them to fund you - it really is nauseating hypocrisy”. Not making a sale there, then.
Moreover, what confidence can one have that he will succeed in his much-publicised appeal? A Tweeter identifying merely as “One of the 48%” was unconvinced. “Wait. You're appealing this decision, in the hope that the electoral commission will … change… their... mind….?????” Wasn’t there anyone in Darren’s corner?
Well, yes there was. “Please support @darrengrimes_ if you can. He’s a fighter for what is right and an example to us all. As for the Electoral Commission…” thundered former Army officer Richard Kemp. Except Kemp is a nailed-on racist bigot and serial supporter of anything out there on the right. He’s a one-man credibility-free zone.

Meanwhile, though, despite very little support and all the derision, Darren Grimes continues to grift. £91,000 and counting. Bankruptcy never looked so good.
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