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Monday 24 June 2019

Boris Backers’ Brainless Blustering

Ah, the sound of disorganised cluelessness in the morning: as a new week begins, supporters of London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson are lashing out in desperation at a story which refuses to go away, after their hero became embroiled in a Domestic of no fixed maximum volume with partner Carrie Symonds, and the gory details were passed to the Rotten Lefties™ at the Guardian.
Cripes Cazza, can't you PR us out of this one? Oo-er! Yikes!

They don’t want Bozza to be splashed all over the front pages this morning, but the press herd instinct has kicked in and they are powerless to stop it. And as for trying to talk down the story - well, TalkRADIO droid Ross Kempsell tried that. “From the hustings room, one simple conclusion: last night's Guardian story has made no difference whatsoever to Tory members. None. Moreover, political attacks on Boris Johnson are only likely to boost and cement his support with them”. Weekend polling showed it did make a difference.
Cheerleader Nadine Dorries, who despises “posh boys” unless they are Bozza, also tried to talk down the story: “I’ve spoken to @BorisJohnson + @carriesymonds I am totally stunned at the level of harassment they have had to endure. Hate mail, left wing protests outside their flat, eavesdroppers. The stress is immense, more than most could endure.They are together, strong and united”. Yeah, right.
It’s “harassment” when it happens to someone in the public eye, but nothing of the sort when the press vultures go after the couple who recorded the Domestic out of concern for Ms Symonds’ safety. I mean, they’re BITTER REMOANERS, and for Ms Dorries that makes them fair game. Hence “Well, I never. Cambridge-educated Buddhist playwright whose anti-Brexit play funded by EU”. They don’t count, eh Nads?
Then we have another - thankfully brief - intervention from the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole. Seeing Mail Online telling “Anarchists demonstrate outside Carrie Symonds’ flat after Johnson row”, he snorts “Hope those neighbours are proud of themselves”. A word in you shell-like, Master Cole.
Did the neighbours identify the house? Did they post pictures of it, plastering those pictures all over social media, indeed, over the front pages of several newspapers? D’you know, they didn’t, did they? That was done by our free and fearless press, like the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday. THAT’S THE PAPER YOU WORK FOR, NUMBSKULL.
So Jonathan Fisher was having none of Cole’s whataboutery. “What, after you decided to publish exterior photos, a floor plan and the location of the apartment?” And Martin Purvis pointed out the rank double standards: “That's the trouble with right wing hacks you can tap folks phones, camp on their doorstep, harass them on the street & you think that's ok but if someone does the same to one of your mates you find it disgusting!
Still, though, the desperation of the Bozza boosters continues, with the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, who I suspect may lose some money if their man fails to become Tory leader, offeringBoris and Carrie are the political equivalent of Burton and Taylor”. Just fuck right off with that pretentious arsewipe.

You’ve lost control of the narrative, Boris backers. Get real. Deal with it. 
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rob said...

Getting really desperate now calling John Nott out of his retirement home (The Fletcher Memorial Home?)for a "politically motivated" defence of The Clown.

As if Boris Badenuff couldn't defend himself. Hmmmm........

You have to feel sorry for the Queen. First a Trump visit and now she might have to have his UK clone kiss her hand.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Britain 2019.

This is what you get after 40 years of far right looting of national assets, warmongering, grovelling to homicide-mad USA, economic attacks on whole swathes of the country and concentration of national wealth in one tiny greedy corner of England. Plus, of course, the contrick of "austerity".

Yellow Johnson is its logical conclusion. Get used to it because matters are going to get even worse.

We long ago became a country which lost its sense of common morality and individual and collective pride. It will take decades to restore it - even if the turnaround began immediately, which it won't. At the present rate even a neofascist military regime can't be ruled out.

We reap what we allow others to sow.

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone else see Captain Bellend on breakfast telly this morning, nervously insisting that BoJo has the right to a private life?

It never ceases to amaze me how: a) broadcasters believe he's worth booking, and b) he keeps a straight face while spouting dishonest, hypocritical bullshit.

Anonymous said...

You are wilfully conflating two different things here. Fine calling in the police, but when you are told everything is fine, you contact a far-left rag then your motives are open to question.

Neighbours putting up posters then saying move if you don't like it have crossed a line, harassment pure and simple.

It clearly is not the same has doorstepping journos or phone-tapping and you claiming it is does you no service. That indeed is "brainless blustering" has you put it. l wouldn't be so rude, but you seem to take pleasure in such things.

Tim Fenton said...


This comment sounds rather familiar.

It's not you again, is it, Master Cole? Someone doesn't have enough to keep him occupied.

rob said...

*** When the school kids take over ***

Master Cole still missing his Carrie already?

They lose their charm as they get older
The magic disappears and they grow colder

What's the attraction in what they're doing?
As rows start to replace the billing and cooing

Hey Carrie fan what's the game now can anybody play?
Hey Carrie fan has Guido taught the Clown another way?

(H/t The Hollies)

Pepo Risus said...

The Guardian 'far-left'!!!?
What sort of "brainless blustering" fucked up prick thinks that?

Anonymous said...

What sort of cunt thinks that informing a newspaper of a story of national interest, given that it concerns the probable next prime minister, is worse than phone hacking?