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Saturday 1 June 2019

Creepy Old Bigot Threatens Autistic Teenager

Godfrey Bloom is a bigot. He is also a climate change denier who seeks solace in endorsing the wacko denialist fringe. He is a former MEP who was too off the wall even for the dwindling band of saloon bar propper-uppers that was UKIP. He lost his post as the honorary President and chief economist of the Ludwig von Mises Centre after a series of unforced anti-Semitic rants. He reached rock bottom and just kept on digging.
Still Godders opens trappers and inserts footers, and now he has a new target for his ire, one who he has gone after in no style at all, showing that unappealing and creepy side of his non-character to worst effect. Because of his obsession with junk climate change denial, Bloom has taken a deep dislike to Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who is rather more popular, and indeed rather more influential, that he is.
Hence his seeing the headline “'We will not let you get away with it', Greta Thunberg slams politicians for ignoring climate crisis”, and going into Gammon Overdrive, frothing at the mouth and spluttering “Why do I always feel an overwhelming desire to give this ghastly child a good shaking”. Why? Because you’re a creepy old bigot, Godders.
He also gives a Retweet to Paul Popper, another climate change denier who claims he is “now probably close to where Roger Scruton is” (Scruton is a nailed-on racist, so that’s probably not a good look).  Popper has scaled the lofty intellectual heights to tell the world “I want a Prime Minister who tells her to fuck off”. What a thrilling start.
But instead of winding his neck in and showing some kind of regret for being a creepy old bigot, Godders just keeps on emitting the crappers. So when it was put to him that he was jealous of Ms Thunberg’s intelligence, compassion, eloquence and respect, he scoffed “Gosh, that dreadful child & her awful parents are more intelligent than me! There's a thing”. He really should desist. But not Godders. He just doubles down.
For this, he takes the outpourings of Steven Goddard, another climate change denier who is not as clever as he thinks (see Zelo Street exposing his ignorance HERE). Goddard is claiming that fewer people die from drought and flood, and so it isn’t happening. Godders suggests “Somebody tell the dreaded Swedish pixie & her dreadful mother”.
More creepy abuse, but he also applies the term to politicians in the UK, especially if they are called Amber Rudd. She might back “Oiky” Gove for Tory leader, and not Bozza? Godders doesn’t like that one bit. “So we return to the original withdrawal agreement. Led by a totally back stabbing charisma free pixie. Do the Tories have a death wish?
You get the picture, and, indeed, why even UKIP found him too poisonous. Still he ranted as Ms Thunberg, taking as his text the assertion by another climate denialist that she was part of “The Green Environmental Climate Doomsday Cult”. What say Godders? “Blasted Swedish pixie, would you retain a sixteen year old doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant, chauffeur, builder, radiographer, physiotherapist or any other sixteen year old save for a bit of housework. SHE'S A BLOODY KID!!!” He’ll spontaneously combust next.

But, if he doesn’t, someone really needs to sit Godders down and explain to him that being a creepy old bigot is not even slightly clever. It is, in fact, totally out of order.
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James said...

Going after children is the lowest of the low...bunch of ----wits.

Anonymous said...

Using children is the lowest of the low.

Anonymous said...

“Blasted Swedish pixie, would you retain a sixteen year old doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant, chauffeur, builder, radiographer, physiotherapist or any other sixteen year old save for a bit of housework. SHE'S A BLOODY KID!!!”
Poor Godfrey. I wouldn't want him to do any of those things for me either - not even the housework. He has never heard of age-related-activity
Sixteen year olds can do other things; has he ever heard of Mozart, Bobby Fisher or several child prodigies (clue is in the name) in Mathematics. However it is in his supposed area of interest (war) that his ignorance is greatest. Many sixteen year olds, such as Alexander the Great, Prince Hal (later Henry V) and the Black Prince led and inspired military victories.
The most famous teenage leader humiliated the English, firstly lifting the Siege of Orleans and then totally defeating the army at Patay (we don't remember defeats) when most of the English archers were killed, the infantry (and its general Talbot) captured and the cavalry ran away. Worse, this was a girl, Joan of Arc. She must have been a witch (the English are so great that only Satan can humiliate them) so we raped and burnt her, giving her the Edward II and Ghadhafi treatment.

Peter G Mackie said...

The Danish resistance in World War 2 was started by a group of teenagers, led by 15-year-old Knud Pederson.