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Sunday 2 June 2019

Tommy Robinson Fans A Danger To Everyone

He may have gone quiet since being unsuccessful in his efforts to be elected as an MEP, but Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, always has his loyal fan base to speak out. And speak out they are doing - in a way which the Police and security services hopefully will be monitoring, perhaps even taking action.
If that sounds serious, it is because what is being discussed - openly - by those who call themselves Lennon’s fans is not merely bigoted and unequivocally racist, it is encouraging violence and indeed killing. Not only that, but some of the individuals in those conversations are readily identifiable. Here’s some of what they have been discussing.
While one contributor muses “It’s gonna happen soon the BRITISH will attack the Police soon big time, the scum cops won’t know what hit them”, another admits “I wouldn’t mind shooting a few Antifa and Muslim terrorists … We need firearms by then … Lots of fire power … And we need to gain support from the British Army”.
That was particularly nasty, but arguably worse was the echo of 1930s Nazism in the comment “We had many Anzac ceremonies stopped here in Australia for fear of violence, the one day of Veterans live for taken because of sub human filth”. The author of those sentiments has already been identified. And there was more. Rather a lot more.
The same commenter asserted “Just give every patriot a gun. If the cops are siding with the terrorists, that means they are seen as terrorists as well. We fuck up whoever wants to fuck us up, fair enough”, while another who is in the process of being identified added “Also wear your Christian cross let it be seen”.
Homophobia is also on the menu where Lennon’s fans are concerned, typical of the genre being “LGBT (Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon and Tomato) [is] the sandwich of choice for these freaks (and there are millions of them) … UK and morality really have collapsed, gone to the dogs, it’s abysmal and evident for all to see … use your eyes, we are no longer world leaders, we are now officially third world”. And it gets worse.
Another contributor ventured “Shoot these rapists, paedophiles and terrorists on sight. They only come to the west for destruction, they ain’t compatible with human beings at all. If you don’t kill them, they will come after you and your children and women”, along with a rant about Saudi Arabia, and the old chestnut “Send them all back home”.
One prize specimen, responding to the idea that there should be “a purge on them”, asserted “I’d not have any compunction for doing that. It’s pointless to let our moral high grounds hinder us from protecting our country. They want to kill us all anyway. If we don’t wipe them out before they can do further harm to our people, your country will not be yours in a matter of time”. Then another participant fantasises about putting his “pork products” up against a Muslim woman’s shopping at a supermarket checkout.
Quite apart from the scale of ignorance on view, the casual consideration of violence and desire to get hold of lethal weaponry, the contempt for authority is worrying

So it’s good to know that the authorities are being kept informed. More on this later.
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Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh that these thick clowns think pork is some kind of Kryptonite to Muslims.

Hey, morons... Muslims are not offended by pork, they're not offended by others eating pork. Muslims just like Jews, and some Christian denominations such as the Seventh-day Adventist just choose not to est it.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes - people who have as much experience dealing with terrorism as they do with stopping child abuse are going to kick off at an organization that actually has dealt with terrorism, and whose members have been attacked and murdered by actual bloody terrorists.

Anonymous said...

So when someone left a packet of Bacon outside a mosque, why did they call the police and report a "race hate crime"?

Unknown said...

Says some anon troll

Anonymous said...

The person talking about weapons is from Australia! If you're going to print this drivel it probably best to establish where these people live. The two people talking of violence are not in the UK! There are people from all over the world in all the Tommy Robinson chat groups!!
As someone that has been to many events Yax related, (yes we call him Yax, its not a shock to us his name is Yaxley Lennon, why left swinging media make out its so shocking is something we ridicule. Do you call Elton John, Reg Dwight?? No! What's the difference??) I have watched people get provoked, by police, by constant counter protests, a counter protest against Combat PTSD? The violence comes from the police they either perpetrate or enable it...Oldham. Prime example of police enabling violence towards Tommy supporters. Did anyone retaliate?? Not one, and trust me if there had been any retaliation it would have been front page news!!

Anonymous said...

Also, you may want to know that this group is not the official group, majority of these so called tommy (yax) fans have been booted and created a group of their own just thought i would let you know your work here was in vein.

Anonymous said...

Just thought you might like to know but the group you have based this story on is not the official page. majority of the users have been booted from the group and created their own, so your work here is null and void im afraid.