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Sunday 23 June 2019

Boris Far-Right Ties And Lies EXPOSED

When the Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr is attracting abuse from all the right people, it’s clear she is on the right track. It was true all through the Cambridge Analytica exposé, and it’s true today, as she is revealed to have been part of a team nailing the far-right links of London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson - links that Bozza lied about in order to avoid questions. It didn’t work.
Come in Bozza, your controller wants a word

So it was that when the deeply unsavoury André Walker, one of those intimately involved in the Tory Bullying scandal, sniped “Carole Codswallop reveals yet more evidence that people know each other”, we knew she had hit the nail squarely on the head once again.

When Labour MP David Lammy told the host on The Andy Marr Show™ “We do know that Boris Johnson is with Steve Bannon who is a white supremacist”, Bozza and his pals were contemptuous. It was a mere conspiracy theory. The Great Man put the boot in, blustering “As for the so-called association with Steve Bannon, I am afraid this is a lefty delusion whose spores continue to breed in the Twittersphere”.
A total Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

It wasn’t a “lefty delusion”. Bozza, as so often, lied his way out of it. We know this as Ms Cadwalladr has obtained footage from Alison Klayman’s new documentary The Brink. Bozza’s resignation speech as he left the Government had Bannon’s fingerprints all over it: “the headline, the framing … the ‘rallying call’, these were the themes he said he and Johnson had ‘gone back and forth on text’ about over the [previous] weekend”.
Ey up, look who's on the case

Ms Klayman asserted that Bannon was “unequivocal” about that. Bang to rights - especially, as Ms Cadwalladr noted, “even up until last week, [Bozza’s] team was keeping to the line that the contact was restricted to ‘one text – an invitation to meet that Johnson declined’”. He lied once. He lied twice. Now he’s been caught again.
Of course Bozza and Bannon have been in contact. Regular contact. Hence his claim that a Muslim woman dressed in a niqab looked like a “bank robber”, and that such people went around “looking like letterboxes”. Ms Cadwalladr again: “Tamsin Shaw, a professor of philosophy at New York University who has been researching Bannon’s world view, said: ‘He collaborated with publishers of neo-Nazi white nationalist websites to turn Breitbart into a platform for the alt-right. And his main initiative in the White House was the Muslim ban.’

That’s who is advising Bozza. Someone who told the European far-right that to be branded racist was something they should “wear with pride”. As Ms Shaw put it, “Bannon’s MO - winning people over to racist views by making them laugh along … people laugh along with Johnson’s one-liners, they’re effectively disclaiming responsibility for racist views and policies and the people who aren’t laughing are derided as humourless”.
Small wonder Bozza didn’t take kindly to Matthew d’Ancona letting the world know that Bannon was behind his “letterboxes” and “bank-robbers” column. Thus the danger: the idea that Bozza is some kind of benign one-nation Tory is bunk. He’s a shameless opportunist, and if he believes he has to be a racist bigot to get himself into power, then a racist bigot he will be. Backed by a white supremacist. And lying about it all the way.

Boris Johnson may be a clown. But he’s a very dangerous and determined clown.
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Anonymous said...

Go 'ed, Johnson.

Tell us about those "tory family values" again.

Symonds might be able to help you out there. If she's not too busy buying a new laptop and crockery.

Meanwhile......Oo look! Hunt - who never did a day's work in his life - rolled up his sleeves and reacquired his rictus grin.

It's all so awfully funny it looks like a campaign designed by the loser McTernan.

Strong and stable my arse. Far right Yankified bullshit, all of it.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with saying burqa wearers look like letterboxes or have the appearance of bank robbers? Although they actually look more akin to your average ANTIFA yob.
How is it racist, how can we now the race of the wearer? Or have we fallen for the lie of the nation of Islam?

I can only hope you have never used the christaphobic description of a clerical vestment that is in common use. That really is insulting.

Anonymous said...



Looks like The Friends and the Graun are bang to rights.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody with a functioning free-thinking mind.

O O O'Hanraha'hanrahan said...

'Boris Johnson: brilliant, warm, funny – and totally unfit to be PM'
'For 20 years I've known London's mayor is a gold-medal egomaniac. If he gets into No 10, I'm on the first plane out' - Max Hastings
Wed 10 Oct 2012 19.25 BST
© Daily Mail 2012

rob said...

And Caroline Flint and others, including presumably Kate Hoey , by the latest TV appearances, are willing to leave their constituents at the mercy of these right wing fascists by voting for a "no deal" Brexit if necessary with a Johnson led government?

Strange times indeed.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1327;


Anonymous said...

I lived in Camberwell in the 80s when ordinary working class folk populated the area. If these toffs think this was a reason to alert plod they should have heard the daily and nightly cacophony back then, par for the course. Looks like the snowflakes have gentrified the area. Odd because back then they would never consider living south of the river, I remember Battersea being called South Chelsea in an effort to get the right people buying.

Don't worry about Boris in charge because unlike May who wanted to micro-manage everything, he will get the right people in to do the necessary and get us of the federalist EU. Freedom , back to Common Law and the Magna Carta! Down with po-faced compliance and conformity that impoverishes in mind, body and spirit.

Anonymous said...

No shit, Sherlock !!!
D Notice, Current Committee: https://dsma.uk/the-committee/
BBC, ITN, Sky, The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph et al.
It's for the representatives of the media to argue why something SHOULD be made public.

Anonymous said...

Now the Class War "anarchists" (nothing of the sort, just layabouts) have waded in. game, set & match Boris at next GE.

Don't these people think? Rhetorical question!

Anonymous said...

@ 16:16.

Read the thread in the link.

If you aren't blinded by your own rabid spittle.

Anonymous said...

Dear, oh dear.
Nothing 'rabid' about pointing out the purpose of the committee. If you'd rather there wasn't a D Notice Committee, explain why you would rather leave it to the Government, MI5, MI6 and the MoD to decide on what is fit for public to read.
Now, you tell us what your comment has to do with the article.
If you think that someone from a British newspaper sitting on the D Notice Ctte invalidates video evidence gathered by an American documentary maker then, more fool you.

Anonymous said...

@ 19:18.

You can't be helped if you disappear up your own arse.

Which you far right trolls always do.

It provides light amusement for a short while. But soon gets tedious.

Good luck with reading and comprehension lessons. A few more years should do it. But maybe not.