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Thursday 20 June 2019

Turning Point UK EXHUMED

After the launch of Turning Point UK late last year descended into farce, with parody accounts mocking the well-off and well-connected young people paraded before the public as “young influencers”, it looked like the group, a UK offshoot of a US original with, shall we say, a controversial past, was Dead On Arrival. But someone has had other ideas, and the corpse is being exhumed for an event this evening in central London.
The list of those “young influencers” no longer includes the singularly repellant Tom Harwood, replacement teaboy to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines, or Darren Crimes, er, sorry, Grimes, of Vote Leave, BeLeave, and Electoral Commission £20,000 fine infamy. But there are still the likes of Chloe Westley of the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance, and Steven Edginton, slippery gofer to mercenary hack Isabel Oakeshott, on the bill.
Charlie Kirk. And not a used car salesman, honestly

Also on tonight’s bill for TPUK’s first annual dinner, to be held at One Great George Street (close to Parliament and just round the corner from the Westminster Arms) is TPUSA’s main man Charlie Kirk. Kirk is a shit, a bigot, and a congenital liar of no known principle. But he wears a smart suit, so that’s OK, then. Not sure it will recruit many students, mind.
Squeaky caught in bed with the far right again finger up the bum time

Kirk’s CV makes lamentable reading. He wanted to get into West Point, “but his application was rejected. According to The New Yorker, Kirk said ‘the slot he considered his went to 'a far less-qualified candidate of a different gender and a different persuasion’ whose test scores he claimed he knew”. Lying, bigotry and an entitled shit all in one.
Chloe Westley - putting students off the right wing once more

He slagged off Taylor Swift for endorsing a Democrat, claiming she hadn’t written her endorsement. She had. He claimed the French Gilets Jaunes protesters had chanted “We want Trump”. They hadn’t. He claimed life expectancy in Cuba was 15 years lower than in the USA. It is actually higher in Cuba. And he wants to recruit students? Yes, well.
Spoiler alert: they lose to Scumbag College in the next round

But TPUK wants us all to know that it will not be setting up the same “Professor watchlist” that has given it such a grim reputation in the USA. Hopefully Kirk will also explain why, in May this year alone, two TPUSA officials were caught using the N-Word, one of whom also freely indulged in blatant anti-Semitism. Or is that only bad when Labour does it?
Will Steven Edginton invite his totally unbiased pal along?

Maybe he can also explain this nugget from Wikipedia: “In December 2017, The New Yorker published an article by Jane Mayer showcasing interviews with former minority members of the organization. Former staff members said they witnessed widespread discrimination against minorities in the group, and stated ‘the organization was a difficult workplace and rife with tension, some of it racial’”. That would be interesting. So would an explanation of TPUSA’s links to paedophilia apologist Milo Yiannopoulos.
And now a word from our founder

It would also be fascinating to get the take of TPUK’s star guest for this evening’s dinner (dress: lounge suit), none other than Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage. He’s nothing to do with the alt-right and certainly not the far right, but there he is again, endorsing something that looks and quacks like the alt-right and far right..

And don’t forget , TPUK’s founder is an Arthurian legend obsessive who claimsover 23 years my family and I have been helping do our part to prepare for the release of SUPERPOWER to Earth”. With student recruiters like these, the left should be more than happy. After all, one look at that lot will put the young off the right wing - for life.
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