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Tuesday 25 June 2019

Boris Propaganda Kiboshed BY HIMSELF

As the pre-determined progress of London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson towards 10 Downing Street falls into doubt, with the candidate’s tendency to bluster and forthright dishonesty cruelly exposed by one interviewer after another, so the desperation of his cheerleaders becomes more apparent.
Awwww! But not taken last weekend

And there is no more desperate a cheerleader for Bozza than the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines, who with his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, has once more tried to talk up The Man Who Would Be PM, kicking off today’s lame propaganda piddle with “Boris Breaks Cover With Big Brexit Pitch”. And what pitch would that be, pray?

A lengthy interview with Laura K last night, ahead of another interview with LBC this morning. Team Boris are gearing up for a ‘media blitzkreig’ … The main focus of the interview is Brexit, with Boris setting out his big pitch for how to do Brexit differently … This will go down well with Brexiteers if he manages to follow through on it”. Yeah, right.

The Great Guido also tries to leverage Bozza’s rebuke of the Steve Bannon allegations - “This is the biggest load of codswallop I have ever heard” to continue his obsessive attack on the Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr - while ignoring that he said something similar about phone hacking. And his affair with Petronella Wyatt. Both of which were true.
In any case, all that carefully crafted spin has been shot apart by Bozza himself, in yet another car crash moment, this time in what should have been an easy interview with LBC’s Gammonmeister Nick Ferrari. The subject of That Staged Photo came up. He should have expected it - the pic is in all the papers today. Here’s the exchange.

Ferrari: “Did you know this picture was out there?
Bozza: “Of course I knew there was a picture like that in existence”.
Ferrari: “When was it taken?
Bozza: “It’s not a state secret, it’s just something that I don’t want to get into”.
Ferrari: “You won’t even tell me when the picture was taken?
Bozza: “No. Why should I?
Ferrari: “Because it’s not recent, is it? Your hair in this photograph is not your hair currently, is it?
Bozza: “This conversation is descending into farce”.
Ferrari: “This is quite an old picture, isn’t it?
Bozza: “You’re wrong about that, because I no longer have my hair cut by the Turkish chap. I have my hair cut by a very nice person called Kelly”.
Er, WHAT? It’s not really an old picture because he has his hair cut by someone else nowadays? This is the bloke who is being promoted - including by the Fawkes rabble - as our next Prime Minister, the one who is going to sort out Brexit, no ifs, no buts?

Well, no it isn’t. And the idea The Great Guido, or indeed anyone else, can spin their way out of the hole which Bozza keeps digging for himself is purest fantasy. Boris Johnson was not fit to be Foreign Secretary. He is not fit to be Prime Minister. He could no more sort Brexit than bluff his way out of Nick Ferrari’s questions.

If Tory Members elect him leader, this country is well and truly fucked. End of story.
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Anonymous said...

If they were still an item,there would be nothing easier than posing for a contemporaneous photo.

Anonymous said...

Quite telling that he chose Laura "Daddy's Sweat Shops" Kuenssberg for the first "interview" (read: propaganda spiel). Fittingly, Kuenssberg wore what looked like a snakeskin jacket while posing "questions" a twelve years old could have batted away. Her mouth gets more twisted and crooked each day.

As part of the performance, Yellow Johnson also adopted the same mad stare as Hancock. Which convinces only the most moronic gnome counties denizen of his "sincerity".

It says everything about the true nature of the tories that this dangerous buffoon is likely to become prime minister. If this nation actually votes him in at a general election you can assume a national death wish will be fulfilled.

Sam said...

I think Prof Brian Cox put it best: we are about to get a PM elected by "a small cabal of ageing xenophobic golf club bores".

Steve Woods said...

"Boris Johnson was not fit to be Foreign Secretary. He is not fit to be Prime Minister."

The only public sector jobs for which Johnson is fit involve wielding a stiff broom in the streets or a toilet brush in the country's rapidly disappearing public conveniences.