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Wednesday 5 June 2019

Farage And Friends In Trouble

Although most of our free and fearless press failed abysmally in their duty to scrutinise the candidates being offered for election by the Brexit Party in the run-up to the European Parliament elections last month, some light is at last being shone upon the new vehicle for self-appointed Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage. And the result is that Farage and his pals are not taking the scrutiny at all well.
Squeaky flaky under pressure finger up the bum time

First came news that bigoted ex-Tory Ann Widdecombe’s homophobia meant her show had been cancelled: “A Devon theatre has cancelled a booking for Brexit MEP Ann Widdecombe in response to comments she made about gay people earlier this week … The Brexit Party MEP was due to appear at the Landmark Theatre in Ilfracombe in March next year … [the CEO] said this had been cancelled in light of Widdecombe’s comments”.

Mr Thirsty had gone on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to defend her, too, asserting “Ann Widdecombe is a devout Christian, and there is nothing wrong with that, in my opinion, she will have views on abortion, on homosexuality, to the views held by many others, and d’you know, I think these things are matters of conscience”. What a cop-out.

Sadly, that was not Farage’s only little local difficulty. As the Guardian has reported, “The Brexit party’s candidate in the Peterborough byelection has been criticised for profiteering from buying and selling freeholds of hundreds of new homes. Mike Greene, expected to become the fledgling party’s first MP on Thursday, was for two years an alleged office holder in E&J Ground Rents No4 llp – a firm which bought and sold the rights to charge ground rent across the UK”. A practice that has been described as “feudal”.

It gets worse. Although Mr Thirsty got an audience with Combover Crybaby Donald Trump at the US Ambassador’s residence yesterday evening, he now faces potential sanctions from the European Parliament over that bung from Arron Banks (who is himself in the mire after he violated Twitter’s rules on encouraging self-harm recently).
Farage has, of course, struck a defiant note. As the BBC has reported, “The committee had invited Mr Farage to appear in person to discuss his finances, but said it would have to be on Wednesday to fit it in before the end of the parliamentary session … He was not under any obligation to appear”. Nige dismissed the hearing as a “kangaroo court”.

He then ranted “This committee would better spend its time investigating the waste of public money by well-known MEPs”. None of the MEPs was named, but I can help him with one name, and that name is Nigel Farage, sponger extraordinaire.

No matter, he wasn’t finished, spluttering “If they try to bar me from the building, who else gives voice to the thousands of people who voted for me? Is this democracy EU style?” To which the answer is, there are three other Brexit Party MEPs for South East England, and as for whining about “democracy”, Farage has already suggested that none of his MEPs would even bother turning up to take their seats.

Still, he’s always there with the soundbite, knowing that so many in our free and fearless press can’t be bothered to do their research, and will print whatever the SOB says.

Do some proper journalism, folks. He’s a fraud. It’s your job to say so.
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Wurfa Reed said...


Unknown said...

What kind of lunatic wants to go and see Ann Widdecombe in a show anyway? Especially a one-woman show - that means it's just her. You can't even pretend you're there to see someone else.

Mark said...

Unknown has won Post of the Day. Chuckling here, so true.

Rivo said...

As if any Brexit MEP wouldn't at least turn up enough to claim their salary...

Anonymous said...

Had a read through the Wurfa Reed link for Farage & Farage Limited. It looks like the fucking Finance and Publicity departments for the Mordor head office.

Wurfa Reed said...

Anon at 17:02
The Squawk Orcs of Brexit.
To the tune of Warren Zevon's "Werewolves Of London".