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Friday 28 June 2019

Boris Moves Out - Where’s Carrie?

While most of our free and fearless press is focused now on the Tory leadership contest, and no longer on the unfeasibly loud Domestic that occurred between London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds last Friday at the flat in Camberwell she was renting, some Bozza watchers are scenting a little disharmony and dishonesty in the air.
We were told at fairly regular intervals, ever since Bozza was caused to move out of the house in North London which he and soon to be ex-wife Marina Wheeler, along with their children, had been living, that he and Ms Symonds, a former Tory HQ spinner of no known trustworthiness, were besotted with one another. She would accompany him into Downing Street. She was already informally known to friends as FLOTUS.
But since that Domestic, Bozza has been tight-lipped about the relationship, and indeed on occasion ashen-faced. The briefing of weekend papers citing Ms Symonds’ opinion that she had been “stitched up” by the Rotten Lefties™ had clearly been a solo effort by Herself. And then came the staged photo to end all staged photos.
There were Bozza and Carrie, still very much in love, sitting there at that rather cheap looking outdoor table, somewhere that hadn’t had the grass mowed for a while. It was all very romantic, sylvan, soft focus and photogenic. It was also an appalling sham: it was soon apparent that the photo must have been taken some time ago, as Bozza’s hair was of a more substantial length than at the time of That Domestic.
That matters, because it was the only photo showing Bozza and Carrie together issued since That Domestic. It gets worse: since the photo was shown to be not taken last weekend, as was inferred by its release, there has been no sign of her. Not by herself, and certainly not with Bozza. Why might that be?

And in a further development, a BBC apprentice called Emma Bentley caught Bozza on camera the other morning. “Accidental doorstep on my walk to work! Saw Boris Johnson getting out his car so ran ahead to film his arrival” she told. But whose house was that? Was Bozza just visiting, or is he shacked up there? We soon found out.
Fortunately, the Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr (yes, it would be her) was able to place a few more pieces of the jigsaw: “So, we got any ideas what Boris Johnson was doing this morning? Hanging out in Westminster townhouse owned by Andrew Griffith. That's Andrew Griffith, COO  & CFO of Sky. Previously described as ‘close’ to Rupert Murdoch”.

Of course, Jeremy Hunt (the former Culture Secretary) has also been close to the Murdoch mafiosi, as we saw when the first Sky bid went in. But Bozza is widely believed to be the preferred Murdoch candidate, sufficiently malleable to ease through a change in the broadcast impartiality rules to allow TalkRADIO to become Fox News UK.
But once again - where’s Carrie? Where indeed. Will she really rock up in Downing Street if Bozza gets the Top Job, and if so, will it be as his partner, or just to get her feet under the top table? The longer she’s a no show, the louder the rumours are bound to get.

It’s starting to look as if that sham photo was a seriously bold con job. More on this later.
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Arnold said...

No surprise there. If they had still been an item, they could have posed for a photo.
It isn't just his hair. Their clothing isn't appropriate for late June in Sussex.

Anonymous said...

Depends on how long it takes a black eye to disappear.

Anonymous said...

Christ, Johnson makes Trump look sound like Bertrand Russell.

Meanwhile, it's a safe bet shifty-eyed, frigid, god-bothering May is winding up for bitter revenge. The same kind administered by Osborne when he informed her correctly that she was "A dead woman walking".

Problem is, millions of lives will be destroyed (yet again) because of these M25 meffs.

Anonymous said...

According to the usually well-informed people at Popbitch, the row was much longer than we have been led to believe, and arose because Carrie discovered our hero had been seeing more than one other person at the same time as he was supposed to be deeply in love with Carrie. Whilst the twittersphere is aware of the floppy haired one's liaison with social media influencer and part time chanteuse Bip Ling, currently the subject of an NDA with Murdoch's Sun - and Murdoch's goons are certainly not disclosing anything she said - there are more. Allegedly. He seems to have something of a problem keeping his trousers up.