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Monday 10 June 2019

The Far Right Eats Itself

When Zelo Street was introduced to the wonders of the far-right, it happened via two late-night visits from Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. With Lennon the first time - and probably the second - were the deeply unpleasant Caolan Robertson and his partner George Llewellyn-John. They were, at the time, responsible for Lennon’s video output. But then there was a falling-out.
Just how big a falling-out was not clear at the time, but after washed-up man-baby Milo Yiannopoulos dumped a whole host of allegations, mainly about Robertson, on his website earlier today, the impression is given that rather a lot of actors in and around the far-right are gearing up to participate in something resembling what happens when a Mexican stand-off ceases to be a stand-off, and the participants begin shooting.

Yiannopoulos has accused Robertson of theft, fraud, doxxing, grifting, freeloading, faking a rape claim, endangerment, wilful acts of defamation, blackmail, double dealing, alcoholism, deception, and basically being an ocean-going shit of no known principle. Mind you, Yiannopoulos also suggests that he isn’t really in debt, to which I call bullshit.
He certainly is

No-one comes out of the long and tedious rant with their reputation intact, not even Yiannopoulos himself, who freely confesses to have been conned rotten by Robertson. Nor does recently “retired” documentary maker and provocateur Lauren Southern, who Yiannopoulos suggests was in on some of Robertson and Llewellyn-John’s scams.

Robertson and his partner are accused of stealing from Lennon, from Lennon’s wife, blackmailing Ezra Levant of Rebel Media, defrauding video equipment rental companies, submitting hugely inflated invoices to Ms Southern, and of being in league with Hope not Hate all the time they were supposed to be part of the far-right.
Lauren Southern

And while some of the Brexit fringe were previously happy to work with Robertson, it seems that his grifting and alcoholism were too much even for Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his pals, who wanted nothing to do with them. So how did Robertson and Llewellyn-John get away with it for so long? Ah well. Remember that Mexican stand-off?
Robertson and his partner, like Lennon, have become so paranoid that they record absolutely everything. Every meeting, every chance encounter, every social occasion, and most definitely every phone call. So they’ve got dirt on Lennon, he’s got dirt on them, they’ve got dirt on Levant, and no doubt Milo has dirt on them all, and they on him.
Thus the stand-off. And Yiannopoulos’ tirade is by no means the end of it: it went live soon after 1300 hours today, and already Llewellyn-John has a rebuttal in preparation. The shooting has started, it seems Ms Southern will be dragged in, and the best Lennon can hope is that he keeps well enough out not to be distracted from his court appearance next month in London. The fash are fighting among themselves and it’s getting messy.

You’ve all heard the saying that there is no honour among thieves. Well, this is the modern far-right version. So get the popcorn in. There is more bloodletting to come yet.
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Sam Best said...

Grifters always fall out with each other. I forced myself to read Milo's endless bitch fest and boy does he go on and on. And on. The bit about his alleged Cartier wedding ring and ear-rings was a hoot especially after accusing this Robertson bloke of basically name-dropping about high end brand names (talk about a complete lack of style - all of them). This bunch really are fantasists. They have enormous egos about their own imagined self-importance and influence but their only influence is that their ghastly spite is aimed at those who cannot fight back like hapless refugees fleeing for their lives. They are just nasty and cruel but Milo does at least wear the best toupees in the business. And he's so obviously flat broke.

Jonathan said...

The Far Right always turn on each other eventually, just like all the inner circle of Hitler who started blaming one another for their demise and began trying to bargain with the Allies, to no accord.
All of the inner circle ended up brown bread, let's hope this Far Right bunch don't do anything stupid, but the Far Right have never been known for their brain cells.