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Tuesday 18 June 2019

Katie Hopkins’ Wrong Kind Of Jews

Even though three venues in Israel refused to screen her Islamophobic “documentaryHomelands, which claims erroneously that Jews and Christians are being forced to flee Europe because of the Scary Muslims™, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins is not downhearted. She’s now in the USA - as ever, we don’t get to find out who’s paying - hawking her propaganda around any and every venue that will let her in.
Viewers may still want to look away now

But Hatey Katie has encountered a problem: her delusion was that she spoke for anyone who was Jewish. But many Jews are horrified at her intolerant and bigoted behaviour, calling her out for pretending to speak in their name. This has presented a problem. And after a little thought - sadly, not enough thought - she has decided that anyone who is Jewish but does not approve of Herself Personally Now is the Wrong Kind Of Jew.
So after telling her audience about “HOMELANDS - The documentary the Muslim mafia don’t want you to see … ‘Our people - sick of feeling like second class citizens in their own countries - looking for a new place to call home’” (there is no Muslim mafia, just as there is no Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh mafia), she looks for justification.
And after seeing a Times of Israel headline telling “French Jews face trinity of hate from left, right and Islamists, says author”, she creatively reinterprets this as “The greatest threat to our Jewish communities is not just from Islamists, but certain ‘Jewish’ Agencies and leftists who have chosen them as bed-fellows”. Which the ToI didn’t say. But she leaves her followers in no doubt that some Jews are the Wrong Kind Of Jews.
It gets worse, if unintentionally hilarious at the same time. “So proud of Bibi and Netanyahu for creating #TrumpHeights … The fight back for Israel is on. We are many and we stand strong … This clip is me in Palestine. Where the leftist media and Soros NGOs stir hate”. Yes, “Soros” is the Wrong Kind Of Jew. Also, Bibi and Netanyahu are the same person.
In fact, she goes on to suggest that those Jews who are Rotten Lefties™ are not really Jews at all! “Leftist Jewish Agencies and organisations in bed with the Islamists starting to be called out by their own … Well done my lovely Jewish friends. These apologists and appeasers are working against you. They see the next Holocaust coming but refuse to speak its name #NotJewish". Those Wrong Kinds Of Jews again!
The Hopkins mantra even extends to suggesting that the former Israeli ambassador to France is the Wrong Kind Of Jew: in a TV debate, she was told that, contrary to her assertions, it was not Islamists who were the greatest source of anti-Semitic prejudice in France, but the nominally Christian far-right - just as in the 1930s.
Hatey Katie was apoplectic. No-one, not even the former Israeli ambassador to France, knew better than she did. She was right, and he was wrong. Hate crimes against Muslims in the UK could not possibly account for more than 50% of all hate crimes. White people could not possibly be the source of anti-Semitic attacks. She would not allow these rotten so-called “facts” to stand. It was the Wrong Kind Of Jews again.

Katie Hopkins has formed an opinion, which has become a belief, and then, in her mind, fact. So she can have her own facts. Except she can’t. They’re the wrong kinds of facts.
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Anonymous said...

So Hatey Katie has started a funding appeal, on the back of her Trump endorsement. Losing that libel case must really have hurt.

Meanwhile, @LisaMoorish has begun a Go Fund Me in Katie Hopkins' name to support refugees.

"Do you want to join me in making a difference? I'm raising money in aid of @CARE4CALAIS in anti refugees racist, KATIE HOPKINS' NAME, and every donation will help refugees from all over the world, in the north of France. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me."


Every little helps!

foxytom said...

Bibi AND Netanyahu. Hahaha.

I hadn't even noticed the AND until you pointed it out 🤣 ðŸ¤£

Anonymous said...

Be interesting to hear her views on:

1. Hitler's Catholic upbringing.

2. Hitler's first diplomatic "success" signed with the Vatican.

3. The Vatican's crucial role in establishing Nazi escape ratlines to South and North America in Operation Paperclip. Plus the role of the escapees in conducting the Cold War.

4. Western governments knowing of but ignoring the Holocaust long before the end of the Second World War.

5. Churchill's praise of Hitler in 1938.

The woman is a batshit crazy neoNazi. She'd be at home in the tory fuhrer race.