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Sunday 23 September 2018

UKIP Star’s N-Word Shame

One has to wonder whether the remaining saloon bar propper-uppers at UKIP ever bother to do due diligence on any of their new members after yet another most regrettable episode was unearthed concerning Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad. This time, it seems Benjamin failed to see the Murdoch Sunday Times coming, with the result that he has been done up like, appropriately, a kipper.
Adolf von Batten with InfoWars' Paul Watson (left) and Carl Benjamin (right)

After his unfortunate comment about selectively lowering the age of consent to 11 recently, the last thing Adolf von Batten’s New Model Party needed was Benjamin practising blatant racism, to add to his previous vicious misogyny. But that is exactly what he did, as the excellent Resisting Hate has told, showing the ST article in full.

Benjamin’s lack of savvy - something which he was claimed to possess, and which made UKIP believe he would be an asset to the party - was on view from the word go. “Benjamin addressed the Ukip conference in Birmingham on Friday via a video message shown on the main stage, in which he said he had joined the party to defend British liberty against ‘communists in our universities, Islamists in our northern towns, and censorious MPs’”.

British liberty means nothing if it does not allow people in Universities or elsewhere a free choice of political affiliation, and others to be censorious. Those freedoms also allow freedom of religion - including for Muslims. But then it got worse. Much worse.

Benjamin gained notoriety in 2016 when he was accused of instigating a misogynistic trolling campaign against the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley. ‘I wouldn’t even rape you’ he tweeted at Phillips, prompting a deluge of threatening tweets against her, including rape and death threats from his followers. He has since been banned from Twitter”. Nice chap, isn’t he? And then came the blatant racism.

In a live stream recorded in February, Benjamin appeared to lose his temper at one viewer’s comment … ‘You are acting like a bunch of n******, just so you know. You act like white n******,’ he said. Benjamin insisted his comments had been taken out of context”.

And to that I call bullshit. The N-Word is in no need of “context”. It is loaded. It is blatantly racist. If Carl Benjamin said that, he’s a nailed-on racist, no ifs, no buts.

Worse for Batten, we read “He has enjoyed a good relationship with Batten, appearing alongside the Ukip leader at the European parliament this month and interviewing him on his YouTube channel … Ukip said Batten had invited Benjamin to speak at a panel on the EU as a ‘subject matter expert’”. Expert on what, putting his foot in his mouth?

Another UKIP “star” stands accused of racism, to go with paedophile sympathising, misogyny, bullying, Islamophobia, and intolerance to the point of appearing fascist. And that’s before they get to the new recruit who shills for a widely banned batshit conspiracy site, plus another who got his partner’s dog to respond to the phrase “Gas the Jews”.

UKIP ceased to be a credible political party some time ago. That just put the lid on it.
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Jonathan said...

Not forgetting the man baby Milo Yiannopoulos who claims Feminism is cancer and claims that paedophilia can be 'educstional'.
A man who bats for Trump and his racist policies then goes and marries his black lover, only never tjb be ever seen in public with him or name him..

nparker said...

Carl of Swindon has been a vile, misogynistic little shit over the years, and I was sure to have seen some racism from him several years ago too. Now he's clearly a colossal racist too.

That UKIP thought this 'man' could ever be a benefit to any political party is completely hilarious, and shows just how deluded and addle-brained the current crop of Kippers really are. It shows, too, just how vile UKIP is and has been for a long time.

Yeah-NOPE-a-louse's downfall and fade into obscurity has been one of the most satisfying developments in the 'political' sense for years for me. Very, very satisfying.

Hopkins and Lahren and Carlson and Southern, as well as many others, need to learn soon that they are going to go the same way at some point. They really should prepare, but some so arrogant never will.